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Hello guys
My name is Marina
You basically watch this because you're watching my Youtube channel
Okay guys
I'm here with my lovely host
Ketlin owns this place
She welcomes students from all over the world
And not only students, tourists as well
From all over the world in her home
And you have seen some parts of it
I just want to ask Ketlin about her experience
How long have you been doing this?
When I got this house, I decorated it
2012 when I started
doing that and it's been great
How many students have you had so far?
I didn't count
More than 10 anyway, I think
Maybe 15, 20, I suppose
How long do they stay?
That varies. Sometimes for 2 weeks
Sometimes they stay for 6 months
Wow, you had a student for 6 months
How was it living together for 6 months?
I've been lucky and had really lovely people
It's been a great pleasure
stay in touch with them
What about their language skills?
Do you have any students who come and don't speak English?
Any difficulties?
I haven't had much problem with that
they've been studying, doing serious studies
like Ms and it can help with their English a bit
And I think your accent is really easy to understand
I hope so
You speak really slowly
It's good for those who are not English
Let's talk about the location
I can tell it takes
about 25 minutes to get to my school
which is in the central London
It's fantastic here for getting around
to all different areas
We've got many many buses
And one or two different tube stations
within easy reach
It's very good
You don't realise until you here how good it is
And people always comment on it
It's a great location
Do you help students in their first day?
I ask them where's the college?
And how they're going to get there
and everything
In terms of food, do you provide breakfast
or can students book breakfast and dinner?
It can be either
Here's the lovely backyard
I was wondering, some students ask us
what do they have to bring with them
Bedlinen, towels?
That's all provided
Sleepers are good because
It's no shoes house
All the bedlinen and the towels are provided
Can they cook?
Not really
They can do minimum cooking
because there many people
and someone's going to come and make cakes
But like microwaving food?
They can microwave but
it's quick and sometimes
I make a meal and invite people
That's so nice
Tell us about recycling
because some countries like Russia, we don't do recycling
When people come here they need to follow certain rules
like recycling
The counselor in the area is strict about it
We have to put paper and plastic bottles
in the recycling bin
And we have to rinse them as well
And other staff goes into landfill
That goes in a different bin
It's good thing
because it's for the ecology
to preserve the world for the future
Yeah, that's right
And also save water and electricity
Maybe you can say something for future students
I like to have a nice atmosphere in my home
I like people to be happy when they stay here
I always like to keep good relatioships
They should tell me if there's something that not making them happy
And I should be able to do the same
We can all be happy
I just want to invite you to stay here
because I really enjoy it
I really like travelling
to central London which is quick
I really like the atmosphere at home
So if you want to stay in central London
book Ketlin's home
This is our bathroom
We have a private bathroom
Here's all my make-up
And the mirror
And I like that light
It's coming from here so I can do make up
Shower, hot water
toilet, sink
Everything's in a very good condition
New, cleant, amazing
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53 Folder Collection
Quiet published on September 2, 2018
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