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One of the things that I do daily as an entrepreneur and blogger is checking your DMS on
Instagram and sometimes I find that the questions are really really basic but I also understand that in some questions
I'm a real pro
So I get it when you ask me them
But I recently realized that the skills that you should learn in 2018 that can definitely change your life
it's googling. When you google something and when you ask yourself first, you can get a lot more information. "Google it."
And yes, I normally understand that sometimes a person can help you better, but it's also about saving other person's time
Like I'm this blogger who is still getting back to you on DMs.
I don't really answer comments on YouTube because that's too much but I always read them. So I know some bloggers wouldn't do that
I reach out to some famous people asking them a question. They would never reply
They're always looking for something that people can offer them instead of like giving back
I still try to give back to my community and answer those questions
What my CTO have recently told me when I kept asking him stupid questions
He was like Marina buy yourself this golden Roberta put it on your desk
And whenever you have a question, please ask the duck first
Maybe it has an answer because you know why there are some questions that you don't have to ask, the answer is in your head
In other situations, you can just google because sometimes people ask me like Marina. How do I learn English?
But I also understand there are some specific questions like Marina
How do I get financial aid for my bachelor's and I think it's really important to answer them
So I'm starting my own podcast where I will answer your questions
So the link will be below subscribe! When you google, when you watch other
Professionals speak about the topic you're interested in you become the best in whatever you do
And I'm especially talking about professions like marketing SMM
Social media like you can do so many things yourself without having the proper education
I recently talked to a chief marketing officer of a company
Everybody knows like it's a huge company and she was talking about
Really stupid things. I was like I couldn't really understand how she can be a CMO without understanding the basic. Current education,
It's good. But I also think that self education rocks this world like on your own with Google with YouTube
You can learn a lot in this world. And another thing that I just found out there are some professions like doctors
Okay, you have to have 12 years of education
But in some topics like for example hair health or whatever trichology
I visited a couple of doctors in Russia and they're like they were so tired of their jobs
They were like, yes, they got their doctor education whatever but they just didn't care about the customer
But when I reached out to a blogger who has no education being a doctor
But she has hair that is that long and she's interested in the health of hair
She gave me so much advice and I'm like wow
If you google if you're really interested in the topic, you can become top specialist
That's why guys skill to learn in 2018
Googling, watching YouTube videos, and self-education. Subscribe to my podcast and I'll see you soon
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30 Folder Collection
Quiet published on September 2, 2018
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