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Boi came to talk to me is what I want the most in my life
They say your out of my league. But I don't give a damn
Deep down I know you want it.You want to take a leap and jump in.
What, I'm Ariel? I can't even swim
It's usually never wrong. Lily, what did you get?
Cinderella, again.
What about you?
I was Pocahontas last week, but then I said I was thinking of being a vegetarian so it made me Rapunzel.
What about you Cassidy?
It says I'm not a princess
Maybe you missed a question. I answered them all that's weird
Yeah, it always tells you something you have to be a princess. I'm not it's fine. Whatever. I don't deserve it
Why would you say that?
Seth dumped me today
What?! Yes, like a piece of...
Thanks, I'm sorry I yes
Garbage. /You're not garbage!
We are supposed to go the dance together./Well you can still go with us.We'll go as friends!
You must,this is what friends are for.
Well, I might still have a date./ With who
Nathan's taking me for ice cream tomorrow if that works out and I'll go with him don't seem like
Grieving time he could be the one
Well, it is free ice cream
How did we survive I know right like I can't remember what life was like without them
I actually have a friend to love it on doubt where's that?
I don't know, but she has a picture of herself with a monkey so cool
And now I have this case so nothing bad could happen
I think I ate too much licorice. Do you want the last one? No you can just put it in the dumpster?
I can't throw away licorice
There's only one left
It feels wrong
Nothing bad will happen. /I'm not worried about the licorice gods getting me,okay.I just don't like wasting.
I'm trying to save the planet here. Okay. You've had enough
What? What?
You just. I Did./Oh my gosh yes lily.
Get it out oh
Go in I am NOT going in there
Lily Sarah why did you do that mean - oh do something?
What do you want me to do someone has to get my phone I can lift you in I am NOT going it there
It's garbage
You didn't you go, but I'm dressed nice. My phone is more more than your clothes
So has to get my phone watch out
My wheels loose I?
Shouldn't be riding this thing I tried to fix it, but I needed a wrench and I only had a screwdriver
So it's a little screwy like me
Yeah, that's not funny um I should probably just walk this home
You guys are like the second people I almost crashed into third if count the dog
Um again, I'm really sorry if there's anything I can do just let me know
Actually, there is one thing you could do
What does it look like it's pink with the purple in turquoise case
No, it's not gonna be inside a bag you're just thinking things grosser
Why don't you call it? Oh? Yeah, good plan? I?
Know you guys from school
Yeah, I think I might have seen
you around I'm charlie. You're lily
And Sierra right yeah, how'd you know?
I think I'm getting warmer keep looking
Yeah, oh, no, that's a dirty diaper
I found it. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. Oh
Thank you so much. You're the best no problem
This is like the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me like I owe you if there's anything. I can do just name it
Want to go to the dance with me
Huh the school dance do you have a date?
So do you want to go with me oh
Cool that that's awesome. Oh
I'll see you at school then
What just
I'm not gonna say. No. Why don't you stop me think you were gonna say? Yes. Oh my gosh
I can't go to the dance with him. He's
Weird he's not that we hate goes into garbage cans getting your phone d. It's weird
You can talk to him tomorrow and just straighten it out. How you have not talkining to him at school
That'll be embarrassing. Well. What else were you to do?
I'll just
I'll just pretend it never happened. He'll probably forget
Good morning Sierra oh
I picked you these on the way to school. You shouldn't steal for people's garnets. Yeah. There are my neighbors
I helped find them okay
Thank you
My parents are really excited that I have a girlfriend girlfriend. Yeah. They said that you should come over for dinner
I'm kind of a picky eater. No way me too. We have so much in common. We could have nuggets and fries
Okay, well I'm gonna have to check my schedule. I'm pretty busy
Speaking of schedules, I'm switching out of one of my classes so we can have science together great
I'll see you after class Oh
Believe me
What happened do you forget no?
He thinks I'm his girlfriend
Why what did you tell him nothing you have to talk to him?
What do I say tell him you don't want to be his girlfriend anymore Seve not his girlfriend?
I never was and never will be so tell him that I
Can't why not oh look how happy he is
So you can't break up with him
You have to get him to break up with you. Oh how do I do that? I?
Think I know who can help
How did you get them to break up with you which one
Let's start with your first
Connor thought I was boring
Were you I was nervous she was my first I didn't know what to do it was
What did you guys do?
boring stuff why
Well we go fish
Do you have any jacks
You're really good at this cards are like all I do that's cool
You should come with me to Kingston Manor
What's that? It's the old folks home where my grandpa lives? I go there for lunch every weekend. We play cards all day Go Fish
Crazy Eights old maid
Lunch is so good. You've got to try their fruit cups
Boy, did it work. We need something more
Serious, what are some other reasons your boyfriend's dumped you?
Sorry I mean parted ways
There was Christopher what happened with him he thought I was disgusting
Were you it was just a phase?
root beer
Hmm actually I can't really have that much or else I got acne
Acnes awesome I pop my zit look just be careful. You don't want to get a skin infection. I love skin infections
so colorful
I'm sorry. I'm so disgusting. I'm sure you will hope week friend classier girl I
Don't mind it
It kind of reminds me of my mom and dad
We're like a married couple
It's nice to have someone that you can be so comfortable with
Okay that totally backfired new plan what other guys have jumped you
Bringing up these memories isn't fun for me I
Really appreciate it. Oh what about Thomas?
Thanks, what happened he felt that our
Values didn't align your values didn't align. What does that? Even be he liked everything?
I liked he didn't and everything he liked was totally stupid
okay, so
How do I do that with Charlie first you have to figure out what he likes?
Math is like the most important thing in the world really
Yeah, it's the basis of all creation. Just look at a shell in the ocean or a spiderweb math is all around us I
didn't know spiders were that smart or
If you're a cook or a carpenter or playing the ukulele you need math in fact the expansion of the universe
Can be calculated using mathematical computations I?
Can smell boobies on my calculator?
Okay, but you just have to hold it upside down see
Yes, I see
What's your favorite number
Our community's constant naturally or PI as it's commonly known. It's the key constant to any equation involving circular motion
3.14 my favorite numbers ripple, Stiltskin
That that's not a number yeah, it is no it's not yeah
That doesn't make any sense yeah it does
What that?
This conversation is hurting my brain. I'm just stating the facts this
this is not a fact okay that you can't just
You're just seeing it without any proof know what I'm gonna do
Well you go do what you need to do, but if Finity goes on forever, so there has to be a number called everything eventually
including Rumpelstiltskin
You're right
That's actually totally true it is
Yeah like next-level mathematical philosophy
Back now
There's lots of reasons. Why guys who've done view well, what else you remember Dylan?
He broke up with me because I was moving too fast
Too fast
like he wanted to thing slow edu I
Had a little trouble controlling myself
So should I like?
overdo it
Nice wedding dress, so where do you want to live anybody live?
Like like you mean would work very silly
We might be a little young and I was thinking for kids or maybe five our wheat you want more
your kids
For us to have I think I like the name Everly for a girl. Do you like it um?
Ed Charlie judor of course I might have to check with my parents first who has type of parrots Charlie Wally
We need to keep the trade chug it down the track
choo-choo choo-choo choo-choo
Just think how wonderful it will be when I can have you all to myself and we can hug and kiss it
And that seagull fights no
Don't tickle me ever. I don't like it. I once gave my cousin bloody nose. What do you think?
He's gross and slimy yucky he's a frog oh
My gosh what
Sarah what you must have caught it for me caught what is there something on me?
Don't you see it the same thing to happen to me is happening to you
Okay, I'm a late bloomer. You don't have to rub it in women in him a
Fairy tale has taken over your life
What you just said if he's the Frog I kind of leave it like that
In the Frog Prince the princess services are golden ball of the pond and the Frog gets it for her
Just like what happened with you and your phone
Talk about some garbage bin and the Frog wants to be loved for the princess
Just like I Charlie ups you to the dance. I am NOT a princess here. This is happening, No
Happening nothing is happening. You know what you have to do
Know I even got kids again. My life is not a fairy tale
There has to be another way
What is it unless I'm going to suggest this I'll try anything goes against my rules
I have no morals left. Please just tell me
You have to lie to him
Well, why?
Like what? What kind to lie the bigger the better
I'm bad at lie if you lie you break the trust and with no trust. There's nothing I
Don't know if I could do this what I really bad it like I always get the hiccups Sara
You can do this just believe in yourself
You can be a liar
This is all I have so far I
Want to add some words, but it never turns out good
Whoo except I did the sending part. It goes like this
Doo doo doo?
Bee doo doo doo bee doo bee doo doo doo doo bee doo doo doo bee doo bee doo doo?
That's really pretty
Thanks a lot of math went into that if you listen to the patterns
I used to have a ukulele when I was younger. Can you play no it was too hard
I think it might still be my attic or something
Well, the song is super easy. It's just four chords
Wow so are you ready for the dance? Oh?
Actually, I forgot to tell you something what
My old boy Fred good
Asked me to the dance before you oh
Are you gonna go with him?
Well, I said I would so
You know okay? Yeah, you should honor that yeah
Who is he oh
Back stood
Baxton yeah Pearson taught her I
Don't think I have any classes with them. No he's he's a year older
What's he like
He's different, yeah
Like how
like gets excited very easily and
He's super
Douchey istick I'd say
That's fun
he's fun for sure and
He surprises me a lot too because I thought he was kind of weird at first
weird like kind of dirty and gross pit, and I thought that he was
They stood is fine like I never been anyone like him before
Do you like him
Maybe a bit
Or maybe a lot
What it sounds like you still like him it does
Yeah, I can tell from the way you're talking sounds like you still
Really like him. No. It's it's not like that. I just I meant like it's okay
I I can go to the dance with some of my friends
It worked yeah totally
So he's gone. Yeah. He fell for it. He thinks I have a boyfriend. I'll see your color after all I
I don't understand if you got what you wanted. Why are you sad? I'm not sad I?
Don't know what I am
okay, I
Thought I didn't like him
That was before I knew him
Lily we got the fairy tale wrong. What do you mean?
he stopped the Frog I
Am you're not a frog then why do I feel like what no one's a frog then it's the wrong fairy tale
Maybe it is huh maybe it is the wrong fairy tale
Maybe it's
two very tails or
Whole buncha fairies. What are you talking about immoral the frog princess, not just someone by their outer beauty
But from what's on the inside and you learned that so?
Maybe a new fairy tale is taken over. You are so overthinking this. What did you get in your quiz for my phone?
That was BuzzFeed. It said I was Rapunzel puzzle. I'm not Rapunzel. I can't even say it safe in her Tower
I don't have a tower cranes let anyone in Noah. Don't be dull but worries you'll get hurt
The only way to let him in
You said it yourself. It's never wrong
But proposal just waits around
not this time
I'm gonna get you ready for the dance
You're such a Cinderella
Hi, hey Charlie two tickets oh, I just need one no problem have fun Thanks
Wrote this song for you I
Did know what else to do to
Tell you that really lies you
Didn't think it could be true
But I do I do I do
Thought you were weird
But I was wrong
So I wrote it in this song
That I'm singing to you
cuz I love
You I?
was afraid
Told a big lie don't really have a boyfriend. Oh, I only liked you ooh
Yeah, it's true
It's on the
Don't know what else to do
But I'll keep singing to to to be did it
Dooby dooby doo doo - Doo be Doo doot Doo bee Doo bee Doo?
- to - we need it to be to be dirty to do be did it
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The Girl Without a Phone - a Frog Princess Story

137 Folder Collection
李璽惠 published on September 1, 2018
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