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Hello all. I'm Lynn.
Thanks for watching
my video.

Today I'm going to help you improve your English conversation ability
by changing you from a shy timid student
into a confident talkative student.
This is a very important video so keep watching.
A lot of my students are very shy.
In fact some of them are so shy that they're afraid to try their English at all.
Some of them are even afraid of foreigners.
Now I know speaking in English can seem very scary
and you might be too shy to try
but let me tell you, if you never practice
speaking in English, you'll never improve
your English.

English is a skill which means you need lots of practice
and lots of practice speaking in order to get better.
Now if you are one of those very
shy students, that's okay.

I have some tips for you
to help get you speaking in English.

the first tip I'm gonna tell you is
Speak to yourself.
maybe the thought
of speaking to someone else in English

is so scary that you just can't do it.
Well just start talking to yourself then.
In the mirror or out loud at home.
That is going to help you practice speaking
Another tip is - read out loud.
This one is actually very simple.
Take any English text that you want a book or anything
and read it out loud to yourself.
This will help you feel more confident about speaking English.
Another tip that works well is
Talking to younger people.
Younger people - you can have conversation with them a little bit easier .
And so, speaking to younger people in English is
also going to help boost your confidence.
Another tip that I tell my students is
try to improve your listening first.

Sometimes, students are shy to speak English because
they don't quite understand what they're hearing.
So if you improve your listening
a little bit first,

this will encourage you to speak more in English.
Another tip is - start chatting first.
If you start the conversation with someone else first,
then you can decide a topic that's comfortable for you to talk about in English.
And don't be afraid of making mistakes.
Just go for it.

The last tip I'm gonna tell you is - push yourself.
Speaking English can feel uncomfortable
and you might feel shy

but if you don't push yourself, you'll never improve.
So I encourage you to speak up and try.
English is not easy.
But you can improve
with just a little bit of effort.

Don't be afraid to speak up in English and
don't be afraid of foreigners.

I know you guys can do it.
Try hard.
Thanks for watching.
See you next time.
Let me know in the comments how you overcome shyness.
And don't forget to keep supporting my channel.
See you.
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Speak English With Confidence | 6 Tips | Learn English Conversation

1291 Folder Collection
Samuel published on August 29, 2018
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