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Grandma's Mangoes
My grandmother lives alone in Tainan.
On Grandparents Day, my parents, my brother, and I visited her.
Grandma and her pet, Tiger, welcomed us at the gate.
Then we sat down in the living room.
Grandma prepared candy and snacks for me because I had a sweet tooth.
She also bought mangoes, my favorite fruit.
We talked, laughed, and enjoyed the food.
Mommy and Daddy told funny stories, and we kids sang songs.
Grandma held Tiger in her arms and smiled at us.
We had a great afternoon together.
After dinner, we had to say goodbye.
Grandma put a basket of mangoes in our car.
The sweet smell of the mangoes went with us all the way home.
Grandma loves us, and we love her, too.
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2415 Folder Collection
Elena published on August 29, 2018
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