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(At school)
Linda, you didn't come to school yesterday.
What happened?
I didn't come because I was sick
What was wrong?
I caught a bad cold and had a high fever.
I'm sorry about that.
Did you see a doctor?
Yes, I did.
My grandma took me to the hospital near my house.
Your grandma?
Why did she take you to the hospital?
Where were your parents?
They were both out of town,
so my grandma came to Taipei and took care of me.
I see. That was very nice of her.
Yes. I know.
She sat by my side all night because I had a high fever.
She also prepared chicken soup and apples for me.
Your grandma must love you very much.
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B3L2 Dialogue

2171 Folder Collection
Elena published on August 29, 2018
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