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ten phrasal verbs using take hello
everyone my name is Anna English this is

baby English and we are very excited to
be introducing you to 10 phrasal verbs

using the verb take now for every
phrasal verb I introduce I would like

you to write sentence using that phrasal
verb in the comment section below and I

will try to correct you number one take
down take down means to remove something

usually something that you put up for
example you put up a picture on the wall

if you don't like that picture then you
might take it down take down is often

used in the digital world when talking
about websites pictures or videos many

people on in YouTube if they do not
follow the Community Guidelines will

have their videos taken down take down
can also be used to mean

this mantle so if you had to put
together furniture and then you are

taking it apart you could say I took
down the Wardrobe on my own or I put up

the bed on my own I can take it down on
my own I can take it apart and dismantle

it so tell me have you taken something
down recently or have you ever had

something taken down today I took a
picture down and a few months ago I had

a video taken down which was most

Would you look at that. Look
at what? those two getting all fruity in
the back of the bowl. Since when was

pineapple interested in vegetables? hmm
I think an avocado is technically a

fruit actually. no! I think you'll find it
is, google it if you don't believe me.

well fruit or vegetable I would love to
know his secret I'm much more attractive

than he is and she said the idea of
snuggling up with me made her blow

I don't get it. it's all about the

I hear she's highly attracted to

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huh? if you are new here and you're
learning English then please make sure

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notified whenever I upload a new lesson
or even when I'm live number to take

after to take after normally you take
after a person someone in your family

who is older than you and it means that
you have similarities to that person

perhaps in your personality in the way
you look in the way that you behave in

the way that you speak for example I
could say I take after my mum in terms

of my looks or I take after my grandma I
love languages and sometimes I wonder if

my baby will take after me who do you
take after number three

take out take out normally you take a
person out now typically this is used

when talking about taking someone on a
date a romantic date but it can be used

to talk about just accompanying someone
out for the day I could take my mother

for example if she came to visit me in

London I would take her out for the day
and it literally does means I'm going to

accompany her escort her out to a
restaurant or out to the park or

whatever it is we've got planned
so yesterday I took my mother out to the

theme park I remember the first time my
boyfriend took me out it was so romantic

number four take in take in has a number
of meanings firstly it can mean to

absorb information so if you've been
given some information that is difficult

to understand perhaps it's shocking in
some way perhaps it makes you feel

emotional you might need some time to
absorb it to take it in so if I have

given you some bad news and you're
obviously upset then I might say I give

you some time to take it all in or I
might say to you at the end of a

business meeting hmm that was a
wonderful presentation but I need a few

days to take it in take in can also mean
to accept somebody into your home to

stay for example if you were desperate
for a place to stay you have nowhere to

you have hungry cold I would say to you

hey don't suffer I'll take you in come
into my home I'll feed you I'll give you

a place to stay for a few nights make
yourself comfortable

on this very old couch therefore I have
taken you in have you ever taken anyone

in taking is also what you do to your

if it's too big so I might say I need to
take this dress in it's too big for me

and it's literally where you take some
clothing you fold it over

usually on a join and you stitch it to
make it smaller and tighter you take it

in now that's only at the sides in fact
if you are taking the legs of your

trousers up then we say take up I need
to take them up finally take in can mean

to deceive or to fool someone so if
someone phones me up and lies to me

and fools me pretends to be my bank
manager and I give them all my personal

details and my bank details then you
could say Anna was completely taken in

by the man on the phone I was deceived I
was fooled have you ever been taken in

by someone trying to scam you I hope not
number 5 take away take away now we

often use this phrase when referring to
food that is prepared in a restaurant

and then taken home to eat so if I'm
hungry and I cannot be bothered to cook

which doesn't happen often
then our phone my local takeaway

restaurant and say hello I'd like to
order a Thai green curry please and

they'd say fine we'd sort out the
payments the delivery and it would be

delivered to my door or I would go and
pick it up and that food would be called

a takeaway
so you could say last night I had a

takeaway it was delicious
when was the last time you had a

takeaway number 6 take over now to take
over have you ever been accused of

taking over
I certainly have especially as a child

to take over means to take control you
yes I am a control freak and I often

take over so imagine I am running a
company and I decide I want to take some

time off to look after my baby and you
come in and say it Anna I will take over

your responsibilities I will run the
business while you are away

therefore you are taking over my
position you are taking over my company

you took over last week I hope it's
going well

number seven take up take up now we came
across this one earlier you would take

up your trousers if they are a little
bit too long but take up also has many

other more common uses for example if
you begin a new hobby

or a sport perhaps then you would be
taking up a hobby or taking up a sport

so a few years ago I took up gymnastics
I started gymnastics a few years before

that I took up playing squash so that
was a new hobby

sport that I took on my mum when she hit
50 took up flower arranging have you

recently taken up a hobby we also use
take up when we mean to accept an offer

so for example if you offer to take me
out for a day out in your country and

show me the sights and show me the best
places to eat then I might take you up

take you up on your offer then later I
would say last year when I visited this

I took my friend up on their offer to

show me around
I took my friend up on their offer so

have you ever taken anyone up on their
offer and finally take up can also mean

to fill a space
so at the moment because I'm so large

and I get very uncomfortable when I sit
on this couch with my partner he says

that I take up most of the room because
I spread out

I take up most of the space I fill the
space number eight take on to take on

means to accept responsibility or
additional commitment usually we use

this when talking about work so if you
work as a contractor and you have many

contracts then you could say I think
I've taken on too many contracts or I

can't take on any more work I can't
accept any more commitment or

responsibilities as a teacher at the
moment I am not taking on any new

students because of course I have
something else to deal with in the very

near future but after the baby is born I
may be taking on new students number

nine take off take off is a phrasal verb
we use when talking about planes or

rockets or anything that leaves the
ground so it means to leave the ground

to fly so a bird takes off a plane takes
off the rocket will launch or take off

you might also hear take off being used
when talking about a company or a brand

if a brand takes off then it means it
suddenly become very popular I could

even say my video or my course has taken
off it's become very very popular very

quickly almost like a plane flying into
the sky finally take off can be used to

mean leave suddenly so if I in the
middle of a conversation

grab my bag and run off then you could
say what's wrong with Alice she just

took off is she okay number ten take
back to take something back is to

retrieve something that you had once
given away so if I give you

a flower they here have a sunflower just
for you

and then I decide actually I want the
sunflower for myself and I might take

back the sunflower of course it would be
very rude to take back a gift but you

know sometimes it happens take back can
also be used when you've done something

or said something wrong or something you
regret and you wish that you could

rewind and undo it but you can't so you
say I wish I could take it back or I

take back everything I said it's just
the way of expressing that you regret

what's happened or you regret what
you've said so if I say something

completely unethical or completely out
of character that offends lots of people

then I would say I sincerely apologize I
take it all back I take back what I said

I didn't mean to offend anybody and a
special little bonus number eleven take

apart ah yes to take apart
similar to take down this phrasal verb

means to dismantle but more specifically
it really means to pull something to

pieces so you take it apart for example
if I am a mechanic and I want to build a

car then I might have to take apart
another car so I dismantle it so I could

find all the bits and parts that I need
to build the new car so I take apart

that old car that doesn't work and I
build a new car exciting well guys I

hope you found that helpful if you did
please do give it a big thumb up another

way to stay in touch with me is to
follow me on my social media I am very

active on Instagram as well as on
Facebook and Twitter so if you use those

platforms please do come and say hello
okay guys thank you so much take care

and until next time goodbye
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Phrasal Verbs TAKE - Learn English - English Like A Native

58 Folder Collection
蔡天羽 published on August 29, 2018
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