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( Whoopsh!) Top of the Mornin to ya Laddies! My name is jacksepticeye and Welcome to the final season of
Telltale's The Walking Dead we're gonna finish off Clementine's story in this season.
Now, this is just episode one and it came out a few days ago.
And I've been putting it off a small bit because I've been trying to figure out a way to get my saves to work
But they don't because I'm in a different place. I'm using a different computer and everything. So the save file that I once had
Isn't updating here for some reason.
I don't know why I've been trying to get it to work and I can't. I've been on the website and everything. So I
thought this is going to work if I can just go in and pick some choices from before and just
Kind of pad out the story the way I did it.
I don't know..
I wish I'd just had a list to be like well if you don't have a same from last time you can pick the choices
That you did last time
I don't know
but I'm just going to get in and start the episode anyway because I've been very very excited about this and
There's only four episodes of this one, which is unusual because telltale games normally have five episodes
But we're playing as older Clementine and now I forget your name..
What was his name I
Can't remember the little boy that We were all sad about. So let's start episode 1 episode 1 is called Done running.
When the dead started walking, I was small and alone.
J: I need to turn on subtitles
Game: I met a man named Lee

I miss you Lee. God season 1 was so good made me cry like a little baby
We protected other people too, but he couldn't save everyone
Oh God am I going through everything?
God season one was like
Five, six years ago. I can't remember what I did..
J: But I think I saved Carly
Game: Lee could never save everyone

J: Sorry Doug
Game: Beliving we're just as dangerous as the dead

One in our group name Lily lost her dad and then she just couldn't cope
She took the life that Lee saved
J: yep, I think this is so quintessential

Telltale right now. He's like Lee saved someone the other person died
But it's there the next scenario the other person died again anyway
I don't think I let her stay with us
I think when that happened I played this by the way before I even did YouTube
Season one I played way like a
Good bit before I actually started doing YouTube stuff like full time.
So this series is enough on the channel anywhere
So I left Lily behind at that point
We left her on the side of the road
Lee taught me how to survive
He protected me as long as he could
But he got bit
because of me
J: Wasn't coz of you clem :(
Game: around the end. He was still teaching.

Always keep moving. Stay away from cities. Keep your hair short.
I think I said to keep your hair short because I thought it was a cute thing that he said at the end
J: Because he had just cut her hair before that
Game: Lee didn't make it he knew it was the end
He made one final request
And..When I played this I shot him and I cried my eyes out.
He asked me to shoot him
and I did
It was super sad
I met another group after that.
interminable running from their past
There was a woman who gave birth to a boy named Alvin jr (AJ) .
Ajay Ajay, that was it
But the mom didn't yum-yum snack time
And I started to take care of him
But then Jane left Ajay in the snow we thought he was gone forever
that was the last straw for Kenny and without Lee around I
Had to make the call. Oh
No this so this series went up on the channel and I shot Kenny and then I also cried my
Lot of people were not happy with that decision when I did believe in peace
It turned out AJ was alive Jane hid him to make a point knowing what they done.
I still stayed with Jane. I went out a lot
Didn't I stay with Jane and then she ended up hanging herself.
Again, telltale course-correcting itself. He still decided we were better together. Yeah for AJ sake, huh?
I remember that I'd like everything else it wouldn't last.
AJ and I traveled to a new frontier. I don't thought we'd found something that worked, but I was wrong again
They took AJ from me.
Said I was too young to take care of him
Let him be taken didn't I I left because I wanted him to just be happy. I thought maybe they were right I
said my goodbyes, I
Regretted it later. I
searched for a long time just
when I gave up hope I
Found him..
We're searching together now. Yes, we can call them. I'm all AJ has
And I'll protect it with my life look at you go
Okay, so I think I actually picked the choices that he picked when I did it the first time anyway
It's weird hair.
there was a lot of them in the first episode and then the second and third water was like
Oh, you picked one thing and now we move on to this story this game series
(Reads) "That's the choices you make the stories tailored to how you play." as always Jack will remember that.
okay, before I go anywhere else, let me..
Turn on subtitles.
I don't know why they're just not on by default and I'll make the medium and see you guys at home.
You can all see them. Okay, but are you ready? Let's go play in the season Clementine. Let's get into it
My friend
There she is
Hey, man, you can drive Oh cute boy. She's AJ in her hand
What you doing there goofball
Pretend oh we got bullets don't it's getting on my nerves
God you're so much older. I don't like goofball
I'm too big for it have a shitbird
Huh, so I guess you're all grown up now, yep
Let me drive I'm not letting you drive
What a ages they're supposed to be what's wrong AJ hungry
Give magazine
give toy I
Don't want to give a toy. He just said he was growing up and he was all happy about it
So imma give him a magazine here practice your reading
Dope but I don't wanna
It'll take your mind off your stomach
The heat oven
Place cream
Nilla be beans
Into a saucepan and bring to a boy
On second thought never mind
That's only gonna make you hungrier. Ooh
Give snack. Here you go about all we got
Sweet Cheetos, what about you?
Go for it, we'll find something else soon. I
Believe you
Clementine needs a bath
Okay, neato getting a lot of like Joel and Ellie vibes
It's just the genders are reversed for the age differences
But I am curious to know how old clementines supposed to be in this
Is she still like a teen or is she early 20s or she looks like she's about mid to late teens
We gonna do it think so looks clear
We're doing it
Friendly ring bell no trespassing we friendly
Huh, what are we gonna bring do I want to bring the toy or the canteen or let's look at the toy
Awesome the gun has a bullet hole in it, though. So maybe that's a something more we need water, too
Always got to get your water. Come on, Jimmy
Even though you're a crowbar not a gym Iver but whatever
Man who do in the zombie apocalypse happened it was going to suck all the cola out of the world as well
Alright, let's find some food. Oh
Is this even a good idea
Friendly ringing the bell
What does it mean it's a trap it means the people here shoot first, I mean if you're
Dodging walkers then if you ring that Bell won't it like alert all of them?
maybe that's the way of saying it like if you're friendly we won't shoot you ring the bell and then the zombie show up and
Eat you anyway
Never haven't never had this kind of perspective before AJ, come on, you're gonna get swiped
Oh god, oh god. Okay. What are we do?
AJ stay back
Hell yeah claim somebody go to work
You need to start her a queue to kill
She still has the tactic of kick him in the leg first that's down still with me still here no bites
Let's we get in there
Awesome, I like AJ. Don't take him away from me again. Are you gonna get pushed in the swing?
Monster trap, it's not a trap you swing on it
For fun
Higher and someone pushes you so that you go really high
I want to try after we clear this place smart boy
I'll push you in a little minute there AJ. Is it cool if I call you edge?
Mmm interesting is it
What did I do you've collected deer skull hospital hood ornament ah
You can pimp my ride again just to Walking Dead West Coast Customs
We do have a crowbar Oh unless there's another way in and it's gonna make a lot of noise
What do we do inside a new place you listen for monsters after that
Come on you remember
Inside a new place
Check the windows check two engines
Yes, that's right
As you gotta see if anybody else is coming in or can go out or escape plans and all that kind of stuff
Huh monsters all tied up
They can't get us
No, they can't
Windows are all boarded up
Your choices will determine what he will become. So what I do to people determines how Ajay turns out. Oh, no, it's like real paranoid
Who can't pry that open? I?
Know you're hungry. I am too. So with the zombies thing. I promise
Just be Dom be meat just a little raw
Enter the ticket booth
But this open pedal yeah, that's not happening. Okay. What if I
Kill you first
Please leave us alone
This is what we wanted
Do they kill themselves?
Did they give up they wanted to leave this world together?
holding hands in their own home
Will we have a home?
You'll see
Okay, you said to leave you alone though as in this is what you wanted that you wanted to die
But I don't think you wanted to be sitting here forever as zombies. Do we get the key?
It's risky might be another way through that door. Let's look around
Let's be smart
That's right. It's more
Can we just grab the key? I mean, it's right there
Get AJ to stand over there and the zombies. I'll be distracted you grab the key and go. It's easy-peasy
Okay, we'll find another way
Blooms I made beans
Might be more where this came from hell. Yeah, you have jar of beads. I've got a job, dude
It's promising they ate well
For their last meal
That's why they stink age what's going on
Punkie boy
Is you can fit through that right your tiny little man Walter well for me
The key or the window. Those are our options
It's dark in there
We should kill the monsters they're not people
While they used to be people and as people they asked to be left alone
So what's best I
Have determined to determine how AJ turns out he wants to kill the people and
They did say that they want to be left alone
But they wanted to be left alone as people they wanted to die their own way, which is fine
totally respect that but we do need a key and
This is not something anybody should have to go through just sitting there monsters forever
Could send him inside it might be formative for him and he just has to go in and get the door. I don't know
I'm saying I
Want to send him inside board up one shows up and then he gets scared forever or he gets hurt
I'll get the key
I empathize with people, but you're not people anymore
And this is better for you can actually rest in peace this way
Good job. Thanks H
Sorry, it had to go this way
They died how they wanted this doesn't count you didn't do anything wrong Clem
Some more food
Huh they had a good thing going here can we stay here?
We'll see
That always means no, no one's ever any water
It's always just monsters
I'm here kiddo. I know are you saying I'm not someone that's not what I mean
She likes to sprint after things doesn't he?
Just a few remember what we said
You know this
Save the last bullet for yourself. Jesus always aim for the head
That's right
Come on, let's keep looking. There's gotta be something we can use who picked that off. Just so morbid
They wouldn't even take me wouldn't it
Good old Jack's F. The guy always trying to find the positives even in the zombie apocalypse. I'm always trying to find the positives
Okay, see what I want to do for him is to make him feel validated and important that what he's doing is actually spoiled
Sorry, buddy. These are long gone
Fuck is right. Watch the swears watch the swears. I
Mean shoot
I appreciate your
Maturity but
God this reminds me of
This other room reminds me of a section in the road. It's like one of the few books
I've actually read if you've ever seen the movie it has Viggo Mortensen in it
but the in the book they find like a security bunker area that's full of like water and stuff and
they fill up on water until their bellies are full and aching and
At the time I was like so hungry on my trip home from college on the boss that I could just imagine what it was
like under here
Give us a help little kid. Oh, never mind. I am she hold
Florid or huh? Yeah. I must have wanted to hide something floor door Oh
Cue it up
This is exactly like the road
Jack, that's a lot of stuff. Yeah, it is we could eat for weeks with this much. Oh
Shit it's red
Hey Jay Oh Tata's
Last bad. Oh, that's real bad
Let's go clam. Oh we didn't get to do the tire swing
Just push by the tire swing once
Even know what to do stick to the sides and be my eyes while I clear a path
Was a good kid it also said that he was a great shot
No God
Oh, yeah, oh yeah. Hey Jake, okay
Get the car get to the chopper
I came out gross
Get it his face
Okay, hi break there we go and key go boy use the key in his eye oh shit
The first person now, oh
Nice okay. Oh God. Thanks, bud
Hi, okay. Thanks for the push fellas
It's so screwed Jamie repeat windscreens don't shot her like that by the way
This sucks
There you go
Buckle the fuck up, dude
Laughter, you know feet up and I am covering this book that nothing is happening. Oh
My god that woman
Who dat
This card this one from zero to a hundred real quick. Oh, hi Jesus. What a nice smile you have. Oh
God my heart those tents. Ah
Telltale presents
Good start man
It seems like they change some of their engine stuff to
The visual seem a bit better. I still wish I had a bit more color in it
But I I get what they're going for with the color grading and the fact that I see apocalypse and everything supposed to look miserable
God I didn't mean to pause. I'm sorry. I'm taking away from it
Please please don't please. No copyright claims
Because I I go in kind of blackout for these games
So, I don't know how long after the other season this is supposed to be
That's why in the beginning I'm like, I don't know what age you are, I don't know how this takes place
I know it takes place after but I don't know when
So I just don't want any spoilers or anything for them I
like to go in bland
Speaking a blind. I have something in my eye
Look at you a fancy here
Something my why I hate it
Yeah, that seems about right
And your outfit is great I would like that outfit those boots are what is this pops I
Also really like this new like over the shoulder kind of gameplay a
Philly woozy
Where the hell am I
Good questo Clem
BFFs that sounds for big fat friendship
Don't think wherever we are is very dangerous
It would just be nice to know where we are so I don't freak out and get all paranoid
You did this you did a weird sound for that am I supposed to know what this is
Short people problems right Clem not that I would know. I'm eight foot tall
I could stand stand on chair. There you go. That's using your noodle
This'll do oh
Wait, that's it. Oh
Man I thought we were gonna find something that had to do with the people who were here
She's badass
Wanna be like clam when I grow up. Hey the the s
Unstrung there in the middle. That's the one everyone draws in secondary school
It's usually is their dicks in my eye or something. Get out of there. Oh
Oh, oh maybe not Oh
Oh shit
I don't think he's gonna be bad, but let's disarm him anyway now
I'm sorry
He will remember that he won't be traumatized by that you've got your boy he's safe
If you want to see him again, he'll drop that knife
Me either I die. I was just trying to defend myself. I'll drop the knife. No problem, man. How about we all drop our knives?
Good that's good
Oh good here
We wanted to hurt you we would have by now
Considering the circumstances. I'll let this let's turn off sly
But you only get one strike
Now you're gonna behave so I can take you to see your boy
He's a burned face
Because if you really want to fight
Truth no, please just take me to see him. Alright, since you asked so nicely
Sorry about locking the door and tying you to the bed and all we're in a pretty rough shape when we found you
Can take precautions, you know, just in case that's fine. You're safe. Now it shows your friend. I'm Marlon
That's Tennessee
Call him 10 for short. He's won been taken carry him
Yeah, it doesn't talk much
Come on let's go see your boy
Connor the Android sent by cyber life. I
Wish or I hope that I get to see Jesus again in this he was my favorite character in the last season
He was pretty cool and everything. He said sounded like he had purpose. I want to see him again. He was dope
a one sauce
AEA my god lack of color
So you've been surviving out there awhile, huh? Yeah, we've been on the road a long time take it, you know how to handle yourself
You could say usually see people our age alone out in the wild
Sure, I do what I can to get by no matter what?
Don't worry about it. We all do what we have to
Hello, it's good we found you when we did
Wasn't easy getting you two out of that wreck everybody here. So yours run away. The car was a totaled. Yeah
Had to work fast. I don't know what would have happened if we hadn't seen the smoke. I
Appreciate it. I'm all alone with the kid. Not a pleasant. Thought I've seen some rough scenes
Hi there
Hey, what's his problem, you're just new we haven't seen anything like you and ever
I think what is this place? You can probably tell it used to be a school
Now it's whatever. We want it to be and who's in charge
Well, I am
It probably sounds strange kids run by kit, but we do. All right for ourselves
We've got good walls good defenses a good location to no one really comes out this way anymore
No adults at all doesn't always like this though
People leave they die
There's less of us all around that the flag is a shirt. I've got us a system in place. That works well enough
Allow me to make it formal
Welcome to Erickson's boarding school for troubled youth. Oh, it's like x-men and your boy feels like you both fit that description
He's hard to survive too long these days without being a bit
Trouble AJ and I are angels
I was pretty good as a kid before everything changed made a lot of trouble since then we all had to grow up fast
I'd say that goes double for your boy
It's been a little terror since he arrived this excuse me. Let's just say he hasn't been happy without you around
I need take care of this and please by all means keep elderly. It's probably to Grandma Walker's and an angry squirrel
You got bigger fish the kids inside
Vicki's with Lewis Lewis. Oh, right. Just listen for the music. You'll find him you get a move on Willie
Where's your damn weapon? I?
So Lewis is the guy who listens to music got it, okay
That girl on the fence
She's the one who's able to sense your emotions and that guy
He's the leader which means he's probably got the super strengths of some, you know, typical
x-men stuff
follow the music
Guys you could clean up a small bit. All right. You got guests
Your little boy just bit me Oh
His head
Nearly took a chunk out of me
I'm so sorry
He acts out. Sometimes he's been through a lot. Yeah. Well eight we all don't see any of us sinking our teeth into either you
Don't respect
Our ESP ect I get it okay, maybe you need to just learn boundaries and distances
I'm guessing I'm going the right way
Clem oh
They're so cute I
Love them there might now I was afraid you were
Taking okay and you know what you are one ticklish
But AJ listen to me that girl out there says you bit her is that true
Answer me AJ. Did you bite her? I
Didn't mean to she snuck up on me still no more bites
No more bites. I learned it from watching them. You're not dead. That's good
Watch the kid for you Jaden Smith. My name is AJ
Excuse me. I watched AJ for you
Thanks. I appreciate it. No problem. Well not no problem
he was a bit of a handful but
I got off flight compared to what Ruby went through. AJ doesn't like people coming up behind him
Don't ever do it
Little man don't ever do it. Okay. I'm sure he was here to calm him down with my alluring music
I'm Luis
I'm newest and I'm six totally forgotten Marlon left your bag in here somewhere. Don't worry. I've got it
Nice I mean nice
There we go, that's the claim we know
Double um
Does he know what that is? It's dirty clean it maybe later back you go there if he longs
That can't be a good idea. But that thing's bigger than him. Is it actually loaded? Yes, I'll guarantee. He's a better shot than you
You guys do your thing I guess
You don't know any others, well, there is one Jesus you're armed
Famine time
Sing it sing it Lois. I love that song
Yes sing to me sing to me
What do you think AJ I
Don't know it's loud. It is loud is bad not always
Exactly compromise. It's not always bad. Come on
This one right here. Go ahead AJ, press it. I
Don't know phone in your life
But I can see where he's coming from it's like you gave the kid who just bit someone I gone
Now press this one and this one
You're a natural
Hey, hello you seen Rosie?
Nope shit
We've got a bit of a situation out there
Um, you asked you're just coming to and all but could really use a hand. Yep for taking out a few dead heads
Hell yeah, I'm armed you too Louis get your ass in gear
These are artists piano hands not murderer hands. I'm not a killer. I am an artiste
Rosie where the hell is she?
You give her her weapon back
We're gonna need you to put it to use
We've got a hunting party out there trying to get back inside. You don't help to clear the way, okay
It seems to be a few more than usual. It's the last couple of days. It's almost like something drew their attention
Something like I don't have an explosion or a car crash. Bye bitch. What?
Just sayin, there's got to be some explanation
Look I didn't know any of that was gonna happen. Sorry if it caused you guys problems
Hello Clementine, I'm violet nice to meet you
What he said? All right boys and girls they're starting to fill in come on
What don't soldiers?
don't my
Couple grows on you. I promise
This it's a cheer leg. I call it Cheryl's
This is my knife, I call it Andrew I
Need you to watch my back call up from inside if you see anything cool
See you on the other side. I
Like that that trust is already there like immediately
She gave him the gun right started the game to be like no, this is how it is. He's good
He's reliable
Go cherries Charles Xavier
Thanks Norman
Batman to go to work that Clint
Turn around covered blood banks
And how you school a longer
Bunch of traps laying around this area for these asshats. They're all marked. So keep a look out
that seems like overkill and now you got to redo these every time I
mean cool
But I get to do it then that's about it
I'm sweet since up and read the directions written. All right, where's this trap?
Well is this trap - I don't know Cut the Rope Walker the Rings Timmy
Your Walker in rain sweat shit shit shit
Died you heard it. Thank you
Thank you for that. Okay, I there's a whole bunch of traps laying around this area for these asshats. They're all marked
So keep a lookout
Walker nine range
Walker Texas Ranger, okay cut the rope
boom, baby
You back up again
Right for this guy come on
Hi Christine, okay
Right, so I have to do the traps cuz I press e to like kick their legs
nothing happy
They're all marked. So keep a lookout
I'm gonna do this one first then
Noise, let's see if we can get to this one in time. Damnit
Bullshit of the highest order
Baba that was pretty cool
Why am I like the only one here
Also that other one should have killed too I'm just saying there we go
Looks like they made it back in one piece
Meet him halfway right at the boat lands where I'm going away for you
There's too many
They just run around you guys
My work or some of you come in here into this area, yes, just like that fellas. Yes, very good
And for you this and we're gonna do old bar that was delayed that's yours
And your dues are gonna do the gang up on me I know and now it could risky waldek
Clementine is ruthless over here
Nice timing we're not gonna be able to hold them off much longer. No kidding
Where'd all these walkers come we can talk knew was that some kids keep an eye out for stragglers?
I file it now. Someone's gonna die, aren't they? You know, you're not half bad considering the circumstances and all
Let's finish these guys off we don't need them attracting more school
You got it violet
That's a bad shot by that guy, okay
Sorry Mildred
Piece of shit
Good girl, hey, sorry sorry. Hey, see you and Rosie are making friends
Had a bad experience with the dog whines yeah Rosie here can help you get over Jesus cuddly as they come huh
except when she's Molly Walker's that is
Hey cuz dogs can't turn right that Walker came out of nowhere. All right. All right funs over let's get inside
Darby you're not the only one
How do you think it went be nice Asim
Safe stones nearly dry I could barely find enough for tonight. We're gonna have to scout out further if we want food for the winter
We'll talk about it later bullshit we should talk about this right now I said later damn it
Still standing I see
I'd call that a b-plus performance. Thereby. You've done better fuck off
B-minus then now Clem here. That was a solid a a-plus even
He likes be jealous why um, you kicked ass violet a plus I
Know here both delusional should a baby. I know it
What a cute dog I need apart from the whole like Walker blood everywhere
They bite pretty good like the monsters, come on y'all
Yeah, you can't really walk up behind him, it's got a thing about that
Painful thing he can't go around punching people in it. Don't expect to meet at the same table
I'll talk to him
AJ. Hey, you can't be punching people in the dick anymore? Okay. So cool. What are you looking at? What's that bird doing?
That's gross. You should stop
That Birds a crow in school they told us that they're called scavengers, can you see that?
keV a Jewish no Badgers
Scavengers my favorite movie. What's it mean?
Scavengers pennyworth they just eat stuff that's already dead
Scavengers are gross. Oh, yeah
I didn't mean to hit him. I didn't know that it was Marvin
Marlyn right AJ I'm sure they'll forgive you, but we should go talk to them
But I don't think they like me, what did you
They don't
They don't know you AJ. I'll bet when they do they'll like you just as much as I do. I don't know
Marlon was really mad. And that girl I bet she yelled it
They're really scared apologize
AJ listen we haven't eaten for days
The car is gone. All that's outside. These walls are Walker's do you really want to go back out there? No
So we should apologize to Marlon
Right now, well, it can work up to it. Let's talk to the other kids first
You help AJ make friends, okay
Let's go talk to Ruby first since you took a chunk out of her hands took your pound of flesh
There's that girl a bit. Yeah. I want to talk to her. You mean say, I'm sorry
She's scary and always seems so mad
You can do it. You just got a
They don't think me the joke to tell her you were Stuart. Tell her why you did it because of my
Thing. Yep. It's nothing to be ashamed of just be honest. Don't be ashamed of your thing. I
Mean, it's good advice. It's just this is getting a bit weird
I'm sorry. I bet used sometimes when I get scared I'd do that, but I don't mean to
I just get scared and I'm sorry and I hope your fingers, okay?
No, sugar gets alright
We can all get a little crazy when we get scared
Thank you for your honesty and your apology
You sure did
Look mom, I did it I said sorry to someone and now we're best friends. We're gonna read a book to you
These guys, I think maybe talking to Marilyn will progress stuff maybe I know it's up a sale
Hello, oh
Hey, it's you - Clementine, right?
Yep, a sim, right? What are you writing?
What happened today? My Chronicle everything hmm like diary. I
Try to think of it more like a history book
Those who do not learn from the past and all that.(Jack): Its a journal okay? OH! (AJ): you seemed really mad at Marlon back there.
He keeps pulling back to safe zone
We have fewer and fewer places to hunt which means we're gonna have fewer and fewer things to eat
the note girl went and helped the
Hunting party come back. She...." Hey! zip it. That is not yours to read kid
(Jack):She was very cute...heh.(AJ):it was just sitting there. So?
finish that sentence AJ
Saved my life. I F worded up and looked like a fool. Not cool. I just I
Write mistakes down so they won't happen again. I gotta finish this before dinner. (Jack): Not a bad idea.(Aasim): Not to be like rude, but you know,
Wanted him to say like that new girl seems pretty tight. She helped me and that's dope
Somebody else well, hey, this is Omar. Excuse me chef Omar
Hello, and no it's not ready yet
Omar's a perfectionist the slightest flavor out of place and he's grumpy for a week. You can eat or you can eat right?
Well, it'll cost you as a little patience. I'll let you guys know when we're done
Damn, that's not a bad sentence
You can do things or you can do them, right? All it takes is a little patience
You know what? He's absolutely bang on the money
I don't wanna go talk to those other two yet. Marilyn's the lead ourselves in my progress things
Knock it off ten heard you guys didn't have the best introduction
It wasn't my fault, I really am sorry really, I'm sorry, too
What is this our graveyard you guys still do that?
Kinda sorta, so who was buried here?
Nobody really this is where we buried ten sister's belongings
Minnie and Sophie twins lost them both about a year ago
Hang respects
If Sujata
Yeah, I think that'd be a very nice thing to do AJ. Come on. I mean it's not really our place
We want to show that we care and we empathize with your cause
Thank you
Sweet hurts
Klim yeah, I'm ready
to talk tomorrow
I guess I need to do this anyway
Heya Marilyn, you got a sec
Clementine right. I'm Brody. Geez sweet little fella. We have a mare of an under Brody in this week. He's still out there
I'm the lucky one. He's just naturally good naturally good that's rare stuff
I'm really sorry. I hate you. Can we please stay here and eat dinner and not go out into the forest and get killed papa?
I'll think about it
Don't sweat it, buddy
You can make it up to me by teaching me your technique you regular happy. Wait
Hey Clem, AJ Stu's done
Sorry the rest of you don't get to eat guys earn your supper after all it's a big dog
Jesus big pitbull boy girl
That one kid that stared at me is so weird-looking
Ladies and gentlemen dinner is served
Remember the last time we had a hot meal hmm really good
Damn Boy!
Come on
Where are your manners AJ?
Good night. Oh, I'm sorry
Good night! "Clem......" "I'm sorry buddy. I'm sure they shared as much as they could
AJ heads up
I'm full. Kiddo. You can have the rest. Are you sure you bet
"Heh....I'm all done."
Mm-hmm. Me too
No what I'll tell you what?
Time for something very important. We die. Good night violet. It's time
What's the game tonight Lou
The oldest game around a game played by man and beast alike
The only game there is I don't know the game the only card game. I've played had less people. Don't worry
You'll pick it up as we go
It's easy. Everyone gets a stack of cards everyone flips one over highest card wins and the well gets to ask clam a question
What I want to get to know you we all do that's a weird game what if I win
Then you get to ask us one. It's only fair. Hmm. Wait, what about AJ?
What about it?
Looks like he's made a friend
Come on you can take your eyes off in for one card game
That you both could use a break from each other. Yeah. Maybe this is his first time around anyone his own age
Sometimes he acts more like an adult than a kid
It's nice to see him act like a little boy again
Lois if you would, okay y'all you're about to lose. Oh
God a jack
Dang it
Okay, violet way to go me so about AJ
We're a Jays parents
You two don't really look related. So what happened there? I can't remember what actually happened. Those parents are dead. They were nice people
For the most part it makes sense. He's a nice kid for the most part
Hey, I win this time I win hey you do
So what do you want to know? How did you get your hair like that?
Robins hair court met anyone famous worse injury with this grossest thing
Good top
grossest thing eaten
Okay, what's the grossest thing you've ever eaten it's pretty easy a horse eyeballs
Cantaloupe, come on dude. I fucking hate cantaloupe
Like once
I'm kidding. Are you?
Come on spit it out. So ever I ever have a boyfriend
Question you can ask me if I've ever had a girlfriend. I
Haven't by the way. Oh, I'm sure she's real surprised about that one. Never
Not even once never how would you even have time to?
As a kid to do that kind of thing. I win
You can't have been alone this entire time who used to take care of you you guys gonna open fucking wounds anyone
My friendly always Lee always go with the Leonce the first person who taught me about survival was Lee
What he teach you lots of stuff most important thing
I like how to use it go
That's sad how to say goodbye
Now let's go make me cry again I miss Li o
Again you do indeed ask away
See very good what's up with your haircut Marlon? Oh boy
What do you mean she means it looks like a dead cat probably smells like one too
Look cool. Hmm. Whatever you say I say I look cool. I
Victory violence, here's something I love to ask when I'm in groups. Hmm
Out of the four of us. Who do you think is gonna die first?
That is fucked up hmm, well I know
Anyone, but me any one of you but certainly not me. So sure made it this far
so have we I
Was on my own though
I am the greatest card player of all time. Just ask your damn question
Actually, never mind what ask it. It's not a fun question ask
Ever had to kill someone you loved
Tell Lois I said I don't like that much asked
Ya Lee his name was Lee
It was the same day I found out my parents were dead that
Sounds like a rough day worst day of my life
Thanks Lewis think I'm done playing for tonight. Yeah. It's probably for the best
You wanted me to ask
Let's go AJ
Goodnight night AJ best Boyd's
Long day, huh? Yep real long
I hope you know Lewis didn't mean any on there. It's just the world's biggest dumbass
Yeah, he's my best friend so I can legally call him that
Let's relax get some sleep
Human-friendly, good morning. Come find me. It's not all we want its long-term. We can stay we can talk about it
Nice okay cute. Oh
That's so sweet, we made friends everybody we're good people. Okay? Well, I'm gonna leave this episode here
Normally, I do these things all in one giant episode sadly today. I don't have the time to be able to do that
I really wish I did because I really want to know more of what's going on right now
but I
And I want to get there
I want to get an episode of it out soon because it's I've been kind of delayed on it
So there you go, but I like it a lot so far. I like I like the little story that's going on
I like that. It's a bunch of kids trying to figure out what's going on instead of the kids versus the adults
I like this sort of like adolescence kind of coming-of-age story feels like watching like
yeah, because it feels like watching just a movie or like an x-men kind of thing where you're just watching the kids figure out how
To get through this crazy scenarios. So I like that a lot
But for now, thank you guys so much for watching this episode. If you liked it punch that like button in the face!
And High Five all-round!!! (Whoopsh 2x)
But, Thank you Guys! And I will See you Dudes , IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!! ~~
(Outros- I'm Everywhere By Teknoaxe ) Thanks for Watching!
(Sings!!) My dog, oh my darling Oh My Darling Clementine!!!
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CLEMENTINE'S A MOM NOW! | The Walking Dead The Final Season - Episode 1 - Part 1

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Ned仲 published on August 25, 2018
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