B1 Intermediate US 385 Folder Collection
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-Back in my day, bread was five rupees.
-Shut up!
-Dude, Ian, check it out.
My grandpa just died,
so I got a bunch of his old crap.
-How did he die?
-Heart attack.
-Hmm... 2 Girls 1 Cup. What's this?
[tender music playing]
Nice, nice...
-Yeah, it's kinda weird that he left me
all his old stuff, though. He always hated me.
-What's this?
-Is that a treasure map?
-Sweet, I love treasure maps!
It's just like when my mom used to hide my asthma medication.
-What the hell, he left me a letter?
-Anthony, you and your life partner must use this map
to find the treasure of great importance.
-Life partner?
-Yeah, he always thought you were gay.
-I might have told him you were.
-Whatever, okay, he was old and it made him really happy.
Now let's go find that treasure.
All right, so it looks like we need to get the sword
to defeat the treasure guardian,
then get the key for the treasure chest.
-This is gonna be the best adventure ever!
-Oh, Ian and Anthony have a map
They don't have time for this or that
They're on an adventure for riches and gold
His grandpa's dead, smelly, and old
-Goin' on an adventure, we're gonna find some...
Come on.
Only the most attractive and fashionable people
are allowed to cross through my land.
We have standards here.
Uh... you can go.
Oh no, not you.
-'Cause you're rockin' Crocs in socks.
Take them off and I shall let you pass.
-No! They're comfy!
-Take them off right now!
-Give me...
-No! No! Just stop...
-So as you can see,
this is your typical American neighborh--
Oh dear God!
-[groans] Huh.
Now you shan't spread your disgusting
taste in fashion any further.
-Oh, Anthony so totally rocks
Ian's sad he lost his Crocs
A tour group that a poor fellow lead
Watch some dude give Ian...
-Head around the corner and let me know if you see anything.
[sultry music playing]
-Ooh, hey boys.
-Hi, what's your name?
-Come on, Ian, we got the key. Let's go.
-Well, can't we just hang out
with these hot babes for a little while?
-No! Come on, man!
-Ain't you a purdy one?
-Oh, my God, it's a trap!
Run, Anthony! Run for your life! Run!
Oh, ooh... oh, that's-- that's pretty good.
Yeah, a little bit lower.
-Oh, Ian and Anthony barely survived
Bravely fought and almost died
Anthony flared a sight salute
Ian was rubbed by a dude
-So the treasure should be right up here
guarded by a pirate.
[dramatic music playing]
-I've been waiting 83 years
for someone to steal my treasure.
And you're not gonna get through me!
-That was easy.
[triumphant music playing]
-[sighs] This is it.
[suspenseful music playing]
-Ha! Got you bitch!
There's not any treasure here, you idiot!
Oh yeah, check out this sweet video I found online!
[2 Girls 1 Cup music playing]
-Hey, what are you watching?
What are they do--[retches]
-To see what else was in the grandpa's box
and deleted scenes and bloopers,
click the link in the description below!
-Thanks for subscribing
You are really cool
I am dancing naked now
You should join me too [Captioned by SpongeSebastian]
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385 Folder Collection
dnwsaa58 published on August 23, 2018
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