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It's always a trade-off between...
what you want
- which side you want -
to solidify
versus which side you have to give up.
Too slow.
I want to
I want to go here, but
I have to
save this point or that point.
I only get the upper left or the bottom right.
I don't know if that's enough points.
Cannot capture these three.
Because this point is... protected.
And there is enough space in the bottom left corner to make two eyes.
Trying to live in here is not possible for me.
Yeah I don't know what else to do.
I think my stones are safe.
Or... yeah.
Even though I was playing very slowly,
it's the more
conservative approach.
We're trying to divide the board in half.
Just have to make sure
to not
give up
too many territories.
How do I pressure...
How do I push white back?
Playing here...
This "group" of white is strong
with each other because they form Tiger's Mouths both ways.
Yeah, I knew it.
...Bend over...
cutting into my territory by one point at least.
And I have to protect it by...
but do I have to...?
White could go here.
Yeah let's... let's be safe.
Let's be safe.
And then white will come in here. Yes.
That's what it would do. And I have to block it.
Oh boy.
That's the advantage of playing first.
Otherwise I would have lost.
We're playing even. I'm not giving back komi (5.5 or 7.5 points to "cancel" the going-first advantage).
So technically by the tournament rules I'd probably have lost that one.
But if you're playing even,
playing first definitively has its advantages.
Are we repeating a pattern here?
I wonder.
I think we're repeating here.
Black go here.
Go here?
Could be a snapback (trap).
Do not take a risk here.
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Go, 9x9, 26k? 20160501

89 Folder Collection
jigme.lee888 published on August 22, 2018
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