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PTE Reading: Re-order paragraph
Re- order paragraph is one of the PTE reading tasks,
and it looks like this ...
You will see a paragraph that has been jumbled up.
Your task is to put the paragraph back together again
into the correct sentence sequence.
Tip 1: Find the independent sentence first
The first thing you need to do when you see the sentences
is ask yourself: Which of these sentences is independent?
Which one stands alone?
Which one doesn't refer back to any other sentence?
If you cannot find the first sentence, then you're in trouble.
Only if you find the independent sentence first
can you then sequence the rest of the sentences correctly.
Tip 2: Use grammar to help you sequence the paragraph
Scattered throughout the sentences are grammatical words
which refer back to other words.
For example words like: "this"
or articles like: "a"
These words will help you put the sentences back together.
Ultimately though, it's about meaning.
The paragraphs should flow from sentence to sentence
and make complete sense.
For lots of re-order paragraphs practice and methods that work
check out E2Language.com
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PTE Reading: Re-order Paragraphs | PTE Every Task Explained

198 Folder Collection
CANDICE published on August 17, 2018
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