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We have three hot girls, literally it's
boiling, to deliver nine heart phrases

that you need to know when you're
visiting the beach.

And just before we dive into those nine
hot phrases I want to say a huge thank

you to these two beautiful girls from
Love English who are helping me with

today's lesson. Their link will be down
in the description box below so make

sure to subscribe after watching this

A drop in the ocean so this means an
insignificant amount, imagine one tiny

drop of water going into a huge ocean
it's quite insignificant and isn't going

to make much of a difference. So for
example imagine one person giving three

pounds to a charity that needs millions
of pounds it's not going to make that

much difference, it's a drop in the ocean,
but if we all give three pounds it's not

a drop in the ocean anymore and maybe
they'll make a million.

The coast is clear.
The coast is clear means that your way

ahead is available, it's clear, you're not
in danger of being caught. To look like a

beached whale. To describe somebody as
looking like a beached whale is really

not very nice, in fact a beached whale is
well, as you guessed it, a whale that has

perhaps washed up on shore,
very often they die not great, and if

someone is rather large perhaps with a
big belly maybe with good reason you

might describe them as a beached whale.
They might not be able to move around

very easily or get up.
Plenty more fish in the sea. So
have you ever had a broken heart?

Most of us sadly have, now when we're
nursing a broken heart

our friends often want to comfort us and
when they do they might say this

expression "don't worry there are plenty
more fish in the sea". Now this means

don't worry you can find someone new,
there are many other choices out there.

So the fish represent people or future
romantic partners. Life's a beach. This is

the completely opposite to a very
similar sounding phrase Life's a (swear word)!

We won't say because it's not
family-friendly. if life is a beach then

everything is wonderful just like if
you're on a beach. The tide is turning. So

the tide is turning simply means there
is a change or reversal. Now let me give

you the example of sport perhaps that
you support a football team and they

might not be winning many matches. All of
a sudden they start to win and they're

doing well. In this case you could say
the tide is turning.

To bury your head in the sand this means
to refuse to face or deal with a

difficult situation.
It's not the size of the ship it's the
motion of the ocean

Many people think this is a little bit
naughty, a bit fruity because you're

saying it's not about the size of your
tool but about how you use it,

but this can be used for many other

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Learn English Phrases: Beach

444 Folder Collection
蔡天羽 published on August 9, 2018
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