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It's time for the British slang
challenge! You may remember not so long

ago I did a whole series covering the
A-Z of British slang. Now what I'm

interested to know is do you remember
any of it? I'm going to give you ten

common slang phrases I will put them
within a sentence I want you to listen

to it and see if you can remember what
that slang phrase means then at the end

after I've given you ten slang phrases I
will then give you the answer to each

one. So it probably will help for you to
have a paper and pen to hand, then I

would like you to write your score down
in the comment section below. I'd be

interested to know how many you get
right. Okay are you ready? Anna you're

going to have to tell the truth you've
been cheating haven't you? I haven't! You

have. I haven't! Just held the truth. No
miss I haven't cheated.

Alright then can you kindly tell me
how it is that you have managed to

achieve not only top marks but a
presentation style that I'm not seen

from you for the entire school year.
Skillshare! Go on. Skillshare it's an amazing

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homework. Well it must be good if it's
managed to get your skills up to this

level. Honestly Miss it's really good
and let me tell you a secret the first

500 people to click on the link in the
description box below they get two

months for free. free? so if you're
interested should give it a go Miss you

never know you might learn a thing or

Number one lost the plot. yesterday my
mother went to the supermarket wearing

her pajamas I'm sure she's lost the plot.
so what does that mean?

number two throwing a wobbly. my son
never threw a wobbly, well not until he

was two and a half years old and then he
threw a wobbly every week. number three

gobsmacked. I haven't yet told my mother
I'm pregnant I think she'll be

gobsmacked when she finds out. I have
told her by the way. number four have a

gander. the first thing I do when I move
to a new town is to go to the local high

street to have a gander. number five on
the pull. my flatmate went out with his

brother last night I think they were on
the pull. number six pop your clogs. I

don't think you should try skydiving I'm
worried about you popping your clogs.

spend a penny. I'll be back in a moment
I'm just going to spend a penny. number

eight cost a bomb did you see that brand
new government building I bet that cost

a bomb. number nine take them Mickey. it's
very unprofessional to take the mickey

out of your students. and number ten
waffle, used as a verb not a noun.

please do tell me if I start to waffle.
well guys how did you do? let's go back
and have a look at what those slang

terms actually mean.
keep count of how many you got right.

number one was lost the plot if you've
lost the plot it means that you have

lost your common sense you've gone a bit
crazy you're not doing things like a

normal person would do you're doing
things that a crazy person would do

you've lost the plot.
my mum was in the supermarket wearing

her pajamas she's gone crazy she's lost
the plot. number two to throw a wobbly. to

throw a wobbly is to have a tantrum lots
of children throw wobblies but also

some grown-ups. number three gobsmacked.
to be gobsmacked is to be shocked. it's

almost like someone has hit you in the
mouth. Wow oh I'm shocked.

number four is have a gander this means
to take a look so if I have a gander at

the high street I'm taking a look at the
high street. number five on the pull this

means you are out looking for someone to
have an intimate interaction with. so if

you are out on the town with your
friends having a drink and you're single

you might be looking for someone very
special to get involved with. hello

you're beautiful would you like to go on
a date? I'm on the pull. number six to pop

your clogs means to die it's a very
colloquial way of saying it I hope that

I don't pop my clogs for quite a while.
number seven to spend a penny. I say this

quite often especially at the moment it
means to use the bathroom or the toilet

facilities I need to spend a penny and
we say this because in the old days in

order to use a public bathroom you would
have to have a penny for your entrance

fee. number eight cost a bomb if
something costs a bomb then it's very

it blows a hole in your pocket it's so

expensive. number nine is to take the
Mickey this means to make fun of or to

tease somebody you take the Mickey
sometimes we also say take them Michael

and there is also another version that's
a little less friendly a little less

family-friendly. so I won't say it
finally. number 10 - waffle means to

talk a lot about things that aren't very
important. we've all waffled at some

point I'm sure or you might know someone
waffles a lot, stop waffling. well that

was your British slang challenge. how did
you do? did you get all ten? let me know

your score and your country of origin
down in the comment section below. I hope

you found this helpful please do give it
a thumb up if you enjoyed it. if you'd

like more of this type of thing then let
me know in the comment section. don't

forget to subscribe and click that Bell
notification button so that you know

when I release a new video and until
next time guys take care goodbye

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British Slang CHALLENGE

126 Folder Collection
蔡天羽 published on August 9, 2018
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