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You've never heard of sandwich day
Why it's the most wonderful day of all. Once a year the Teamsters go to this Italian sandwich shop in Brooklyn
No one knows what it's called or where it is. It's a Teamster secret, but they buy us these sandwiches
Oh such sandwiches, and the dipping sauce. Oh joy!
God Bless us! Everyone!
Hey, what's up guys welcome back to Binging with Babish
For this week, we're taking a look at the Teamsters sandwich from 30 Rock
Which has been rumored to be a fresh roast beef
roasted red peppers and mozzarella sandwich from Fiore's in Hoboken
Which means we've got to start by roasting us some beef
Since the dipping sauce in this case made from drippings
is so essential to the success of the sandwich
I've decided to go with a standing rib roast
Which I'm going to prep by removing from the bones
This is gonna make it easier to carve later on
And now for both appearances and flavor absorption we're going to score the beef
Simply make shallow cuts in a diamond pattern across the top fat cap of the roast
And now we've got to rub some steakhouse spices into it
We're going to grind together some dried rosemary and thyme
Normally we'd want to use fresh herbs
But we're trying to emulate cold cuts here
so go with the dried stuff and add some salt or freshly ground pepper
You could also optionally add some garlic powder and onion powder
but either way mix the whole thing together
and then start to rub it into your roast
Wear some black nitrile gloves to look cooler
You can find these on Amazon or in any tattoo shop
and evenly spread the spice mixture over all surfaces of your roast
Even using the roast itself to mop up spices
Now under any other circumstance,
I would ask you to put this in the fridge for 24 hours to prevent a juice loss
But in this case, we actually want to encourage a little bit of moisture loss
We'll get back to that later
For now we're tying to roast back to the bones
The bones are going to serve as a sort of all-natural roasting rack
and there we go
We got ourselves some real prime rib in the making
Now, about that moisture loss
We want to encourage a little bit drippings to come out of this thing
because we want to make a sauce out of them
so we're preheating our oven to 500°F
rubbing the roast down with a little bit of olive oil
and inserting a temperature probe into the thickest part of the roast
Placing in the preheated oven for at least 25 minutes
then cranking the temperature down to 300°F
and continuing to cook until it reaches 115°F internally
This is going to ensure that the roast develops a dark crust
and also that it leaves some delicious drippings in the bottom of the pan
Extradite your roast from the pan
cover with tinfoil
and let rest while we make a sauce out of what remains
We get a little bit too much fat in the bottom of this pan.
so we're going to pour off about half of it
we want to leave about a quarter of a cup
to a third of a cup in the bottom of the pan
and place it over medium-high heat
Adding a rounded tablespoon of all-purpose flour, once it starts to sizzle
Whisk constantly for two to three minutes
until the raw flour smell cooks off
and you're left with a sort of toasted roux
and then add 32 ounces of high-quality beef stock
Emphasis on high quality
We're trying to emulate the drippings
that come off huge joints of beef in a commercial preparation situation
Whisk frequently and boil down to your desired consistency
I want like a really really thin gravy
and of course we are seasoning to taste with salt and pepper
Meanwhile, 15 minutes later, our roast has elevated to
130°F internally aka perfect medium-rare
so instead of having to hack it off the bones
we can just lift it off of our bone rack
and we are more immediately rewarded with rosy completion
It's okay to stare
We can try and make sandwiches out of this
but it's so soft that we're gonna have a hard time making very thin slices
So, I'm going to chill this guy overnight
mostly so I have an excuse to eat
a big, gory, hunk of prime rib
Also, so I have time to head out to the actual Fiore's in Hoboken, New Jersey
and retrieve the actual elements from which this sandwich is birthed.
Sorry that sounded more appetizing in my head
but now we can be truly deeply accurate in the recreation of this sandwich
First, we have Fiore's own in-house sandwich loaves
Which I would just say are short baguettes
Into which we're going to stuff a whole bunch of high-quality Mozzarella
some roasted red peppers
which have been marinated with a metric ton of crushed garlic
and Fiore's own roast beef
Which I'm reheating in their gravy
Which I'm going to stack high on this surprisingly slim sandwich loaf
Then we just got to cut the whole thing in half
to get a proper cross-section
which we haven't had in a long time on this show
Ah, that feels good
And then of course we need a bowl of piping hot beef drippings
or as they're called on the show, dipping sauce
Into which we can repeatedly deposit and retrieve
the bitten end of our sandwich
and I gotta say
this is a really really really good roast beef sandwich
a clean plate club member for sure
I don't know if my beef is gonna be able to hang
but I'm damn sure gonna try
Now that our roast is chilled out
it slices much easier into nice thin sandwich appropriate slices
and then we've just got to imitate the roasted red peppers
So we're just gonna take some jarred roasted red peppers
and combine it with two or three massive cloves of crushed garlic
They do not skimp on the garlic
and neither should you
We're also gonna add a little splash of olive oil
and season lightly with kosher salt
Mix them together. Ideally, let them sit for 24 hours in the fridge
or just serve them up
if, like me, you're excited to see
if your sandwich can hang out with the big boys
Layer up your cheese and peppers the same way
Reheat your gravy from last night in a small saucepan
and one savory slice at a time
dip your beef into the boiling gravy
Has a more beautiful sentence ever been said?
This might not be exactly how they make it at Fiore's
but it's emulating that sort of freshly roasted beef
that we have a hard time recreating at home without a deli slicer
Anyway, this sandwich is looking pretty exactly the same as the genuine article
Let's see how it tastes
I got to say really really good as well
The beauty of making this at home is that
you can control the consistency of your gravy
you can choose whatever cut of beef you want to roast
you can decide your own flavors and textures
and you can enjoy it all off camera
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Binging with Babish: Teamster Sandwich from 30 Rock

2993 Folder Collection
Priscilla published on August 10, 2018    Priscilla translated    Evangeline reviewed
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