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  • This is Valkyr. The tormented, the experiment.

  • Forged in the labs of the Zanuka project, she redirects her anger onto the battlefield.

  • Valkyr's abilities are wild and untethered, unleashing chaos all around her.

  • Ripline sets forth a deadly, yet useful hook.

  • If it strikes an enemy, they are hurled towards her with fatal consequences.

  • Otherwise, it can be used for utility and traversal.

  • Warcry intimidates and slows Valkyr's enemies, while simultaneously rallying her allies

  • increasing armor and melee swing speed.

  • Paralysis emits a burst around Valkyr, depleting half of her available shields

  • while stunning and damaging nearby enemies based on the amount depleted.

  • Don't keep your rage bottled up, Tenno.

  • Hysteria causes Valkyr to unleash a relentless torrent of melee attacks against all nearby enemies,

  • while giving her temporary invulnerability.

  • However, a fraction of damage taken during this time will be reflected back onto Valkyr if any enemies remain.

  • Valkyr is rage personified and utilizing her mods with help to increase her deadliness.

  • Equipping a ranged mod will increase the effectiveness of all of her abilities.

  • While adding strength mods into the mix will benefit Ripline, Warcry, and Paralysis.

  • Finally, a duration mod will also enhance Warcry and Paralysis,

  • giving her more time to destroy her enemies.

  • Valkyr was crafted from torment, Tenno. Take control of her rage.

This is Valkyr. The tormented, the experiment.

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