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  • This is Nova, wildly unpredictable.

  • Her very existence is a result of Tenno High Council research.

  • Nova's complexity is embodied in her abilities, which bend the laws of physics.

  • Null Star creates orbiting antimatter particles around Nova, that seek out

  • and collide into nearby enemy targets with deadly results.

  • Antimatter Drop releases a highly unstable and dangerous particle of antimatter

  • that collects all incoming damage, detonating upon impact with its target,

  • afflicting anything within range.

  • Wormhole allows Nova to create a doorway through space, Tenno.

  • Anyone crossing into the event horizon will immediately be teleported to the target location.

  • friend or foe.

  • Molecular Prime bathes all enemies within radius with antimatter.

  • Eliminating a primed enemy will cause matter to collide, resulting in a fantastic and explosive display of destruction.

  • Nova's grasp of exotic matter can be greatly increased via the use of mods.

  • Equipping ranged and duration mods will positively affect most of her abilities.

  • While adding a strength mod will increase the damage done by Drop, Molecular Prime, and Null Star.

  • Nova's presence on the battlefield is complex and deadly; handle with care, Tenno.

This is Nova, wildly unpredictable.

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