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  • This is Rhino. An immovable force and highly resilient.

  • Specializing in crowd control, he sacrifices speed for strength.

  • Rhino is well equipped to both deal and absorb damage.

  • Rhino Charge propels Rhino forward in a straight line,

  • knocking down, or eliminating, enemies in his path.

  • Iron Skin protects against incoming damage while making Rhino immune to Stun, Stagger, and Knockdown effects.

  • Rhino Roar invigorates your allies, increasing the damage done by all teammates within its radius.

  • When Rhino Stomp is activated he slams the ground with an incredible force

  • causing damage to enemies within its range, while keeping them locked in stasis

  • in prime position to be taken out.

  • Rhino's abilities scale very well, allowing for an increased impact on the battlefield.

  • Upgrading Rhino's abilities with Fusion Cores will greatly increase their effectiveness against higher level enemies.

  • All of Rhino's can be improved by equipping duration, cost reduction, and maximum energy mods to your Warframe.

  • Combined with armor, shield, and health mods, he becomes an almost unstoppable tank.

  • Rhino can survive alone, or become the cornerstone of any squad, Tenno.

  • The choice is yours.

This is Rhino. An immovable force and highly resilient.

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