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  • Houkai..

  • After humanity's civilization

  • had always co-exist with one another

  • Thanks to the warriors who bore the stigmatas

  • humanity clinged onto hope for the first time

  • according to records...

  • from the age of gods, the people of the holy land...

  • exalted a hero known as the [Emperor]

  • Ji Xuanyuan

  • Wielding a golden sword

  • as she stood alone to face the erosion of Houkai...

  • At the end of the war

  • In exchange for her own life

  • Sealed the demon god Chiyou into Kyuuyu

  • After that

  • The stigmatas and Ji Xuanyuan went missing

  • and became a legend

  • uwaa

  • It's beautiful here

  • Kiana! What are you doing! Don't get distracted!

  • Major..

  • Intense Houkai energy are being detected from inside the cave

  • Position, shape, everything is according to data

  • the possibility of here being [Kyuuyuu]..

  • is 34.2%

  • alright!

  • let's enter!


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