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  • This is Frost, colder and deadlier than space itself.

  • Heavily armored and a master of sub-zero temperatures, the battlefield is his playground.

  • Frost's abilities are built for both offensive and defensive roles.

  • Freeze emits a directed energy blast that stops the target in its tracks, covering it in ice.

  • Ice Wave sends a torrent of razor sharp ice crystals towards enemies,

  • dealing massive damage to, and slowing its target.

  • Snow Globe is the perfect defensive element. Anything caught inside will be

  • surrounded by an impenetrable sphere of protection, deflecting all incoming projectiles.

  • Tread lightly, Tenno. Avalanche summons a flurry of ice and snow that instantly

  • freezes and shatters all enemies caught in its radius.

  • Frost can be specialized into either an offensive or defensive tank.

  • Upgrading Ice Wave and Avalanche, as well as installing strength and ranged mods,

  • will allow for Frost to provide an even greater offense.

  • Snow Globe and Freeze, combined with duration, ranged, and strength mods, will strengthen his defensive capabilities.

  • Frost can protect or punish, the decision is yours.

This is Frost, colder and deadlier than space itself.

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