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  • This is Wukong. The enduring, the swift.

  • With the heart of a trickster, he is an unrestrained primal warrior.

  • Wukong's abilities reflect his stealthy and extremely deadly nature.

  • Iron Jab pokes an enemy with his staff, causing its target to keel over, while also knocking down enemies within a radius.

  • If Wukong falls in battle while active, Defy restores a percentage of his health and provides him temporary invulnerability.

  • Each subsequent death reduces the restored health while also trimming down his energy total.

  • Cloud Walker engulfs Wukong in a cloud of smoke, stunning nearby enemies and allowing him to move freely on the battlefield

  • draining energy based on distance traveled.

  • Speak softly and carry a big stick, Tenno.

  • Primal Fury equips Wukong's Bowstaff, imposing incredibly deadly melee attacks.

  • With each subsequent hit, the staff grows, causing greater damage.

  • Adding mods to Wukong's loadout will royally increase his deadliness.

  • Ranged mods will positively affect Iron Jab, Cloud Walker, and Primal Fury.

  • While duration will benefit Defy and Cloud Walker.

  • Adding strength and melee mods to the mix will help Iron Jab and Primal Fury become even more deadly.

  • Everybody's got something to hide, Tenno. Except Wukong.

This is Wukong. The enduring, the swift.

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