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It is 7:15 a.m. and i'm going to prepare for my eight o'clock navigation
heading down to the galley for my breakfast and then I try to go upl to
the bridge
about 10 to 15 minutes earlier so i can get my coffee done
as of now we are right in the middle of northern pacific, so this vlog will be a bit late
because i don't have any internet ... it is quite foggy outside... fog in this area is so thick, we can't
see anything around us
so we rely on the radar to navigate
you can't even see the forward mast..boein~boein~boein~
so let's talk about my job
what is a watch keeper
I get paid to stare at the window :D A Watchkeeper AKA officer of the watch
sometimes we refer to an officer's is in charge of the navigation and also the
overall status of the ship
mr. Sulu you have the Con... you have the Conn ...you have the con.. you have the con..
Safe navigation is the main priority
Mr. Ma! Starboard 15
we plot positions with
paper charts in addition to using electronic charts to cross-check
when the skies are clear and seas are calm
we can use the an instrument called a sextant
with a sextant we get the bearing and altitude of stars and planets
and from that we can calculate our position on earth
cool right? then there are some other tasks such as monitoring computer
systems, radio watch, maintaining communication
so when the crew is doing work on deck or inside the engine room. The officers from the
bridge maintains a link of communication by using the walkie-talkie
that way we can coordinate ship activities and should an emergency arise
we can be the first response to activate the alarms and muster up everyone
thats because all the alarms are located on the bridge and it is readily
available to be activated
i'm also assigned to handle the upkeep of FFE and LSA. FFE stands for fire
fighting equipment and LSA stands for life-saving appliances
and when the ship is approaching port I fill in the poor clearance papers
boring :(
Off my watch now, have to go do my laundry
contrary to what others believe, the captain's doesnt stay on the bridge 24/7
takes command when its arrival or departure... or when theres a situation where
it needs his attention
so that's a wrap for this week next week we are going to the duct keel of the ship
for those who don't know the keel is the spine of the vessel.
It is at the very bottom
that would be very interesting there's a few more topics i want to covers such as what
the other officers do, how we check refrigerated containers, and cargo
operation which I've got some pretty amazing footage. i'll show you guys right
hope you guys enjoy my vlog. Subscribe for more content
check out my time lapse, it is pretty nice :D and i'll see you guys next week
each of us take....
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What is a WatchKeeper? Deck Officer? | THICK FOG!!! | Life at Sea | Mariner's Vlog #4

218 Folder Collection
吳易晉 published on August 4, 2018
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