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What's the deal with airplane food?
I mean, really, what is it?
These meals are so inedible they've become a decades-old punch line.
But why?
Why is it so hard to slap together a decently edible sandwich at 35,000 feet?
Airlines have tried to make their food tastier, going so far as to hire famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay to overhaul their menus.
But still, these in-flight offerings continue to be pretty unappetizing.
Well, it's not all the chefs' fault.
When it comes to airline food, the issue is simply scientific.
Smell is a big part of taste, and up in the air, our nasal passages are dryer than the 18th Amendment.
Plus, the cabin pressure makes our taste buds less sensitive.
Even the loud cabin noises can actually dampen your sense of taste.
To overcome this, airlines offer even saltier or spicier selections to reach your weakened taste buds.
But if you really want to improve your culinary experience on board, you can try noise-canceling headphones or you can hydrate your nasal passages, which, take it from me, is way more fun than it sounds.
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Adam Ruins Everything - What's the Deal with Airplane Food? (Everyday Ruins) | truTV

6718 Folder Collection
Emily published on August 23, 2018    Emily translated    Evangeline reviewed
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