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Hi i'm andrew and welcome to this latest
IELTS video this IELTS video is about

describing somebody's appearance it's
also great for anybody who wants to

learn how to use things like idioms and
phrasal verbs in English if you like

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later in this video I've got a special
offer for you all about this particular

IELTS topic so look out for that as well
okay um with a question common IELTS

part 2 question describe somebody whose
appearance you like we all have somebody

whose appearance we like right so it's a
tough choice but I'm going to plump for

my friend Jane she's one of those people
who can just effortlessly carry off

almost any look and she often does
she's always changing up her look but

somehow looks great whatever she does
with her hair and whatever she wears I

couldn't honestly tell you her natural
hair color because she's run the full

gamut of shades from bright pink through
blue to the deepest shade of red and she

mixes up the style as well as the color
she's had a beehive she's had Platts

she's had a bob cut and she's even had
bunches about the only thing I've not

seen is dreadlocks cloves wise she has
understated elegance she never wears

anything skimpy but her cloves always
show off her shapely figure she normally

wears conservative colors but
accessorizes them with vivid jewelry for

example she wears this long silky black
dress with a turquoise brooch the brooch

really sets off her piercing blue eyes I
often think that Jane would not have

looked out of place in 1950s Hollywood
or something like that

so let's have a look at
some of these expressions phrasal verbs

to plug for means to choose to select
you could also news to go for another

phrasal verb to carry off if you carry
something off you do it successfully to

change up to change something often in a
way that improves something to set off

this has lots of different meanings in
English but in the context of this

particular answer it sets off her
piercing blue eyes it means that it

makes something look more attractive
so the cloves set off her eyes now some

of the rarer vocabulary these are all
vocabulary to do with hairstyles plats

bunches a beehive and a bob cut a
turquoise broach turquoise is a color

you can see that color here a brooch is
an item of jewelry that you pin unto

your clothing okay skimpy skimpy clothes
show a lot of flesh like this lady in

the picture to accessorize to
accessorize means to match things like

jewelry or a handbag to cloaks we only
use this to talk about women

collocations a shapely figure if you
describe somebody as having a shapely

figure it means that you find their
figure pleasing understated elegance

this means that somebody looks really
good or stylish without trying too hard

conservative colors conservative in this
context means the opposite of bright or

vivid so black brown gray dark colors
dark blue dark green piercing blue eyes

the idea here is that these are eyes
which seemed as though they are looking

right through you you can only use this
adjectives in English for blue or green

eyes never news this to talk about dark
eyes it doesn't make sense in English so

I'm going to leave you with a picture of
some piercing blue eyes and remind you

please to subscribe if you enjoyed this
video also a special offer for you I am

happy to help you with your answer to
this type of IELTS question what I want

you to do is to drop me a link to a
photo in the comment section put a link

in the comment section to a photograph
of somebody whose appearance you like

and I will then write a description for
you that you could use to describe that

person using some really good words that
will help you score highly in your IELTS

exam and perhaps I may even make one or
two videos with the best suggestions so

please make some good suggestions
because I look forward to helping you in

that way okay thank you and goodbye
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551 Folder Collection
ben published on July 27, 2018
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