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In the IELTS Speaking exam,
a pretty common question to ask is
"Are you working or are you a student?"
If you are working, here's one way to give a really interesting answer
about what you are doing
and why you are taking the IELTS.
If you give a reason for what you are doing
and why you want to go study outside your country
it makes a very compelling case for
the IELTS examiner to pay attention to you
It makes you interesting to them
like a human being
You should understand that many of these IELTS
examiners have to listen to students
who are not very good English speakers
and give no reason for why they are there
or what they want to do
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If you can give a reason for why you are there

in just a few sentences
and what your mission or goal is
you'll be way ahead of other IELTS applicants
So here's an example of
how to say what you are doing at work
I'm working now. I work at Eastern Software
I do video game design
and I love my work.
because I get to invent stories
as well as solve technical problems
I'm very excited about this work
The next step for me would to get a graduate degree abroad
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That's the best place for me to

to really learn more so I can do a better job and someday have my own company.
That's why I'm taking the IELTS exam.
I want to use English to further my education
for this thing that I love so much.
I love where I'm working
and I look forward to working elsewhere
and have my own company some day,
So in that answer
the applicant has said
what they are doing and where it is
and why they need to go abroad
They made themselves more interesting
as a human being for the IELTS examiner.
The IELTS examiner might be a video game fan
or might not be
But it doesn't really matter
The student spoke confidently in that example
and told what they are doing and why
And that's very appealing for an IELTS examiner
who has to listen to many people
who don't quite know what they are doing
or why they need to go abroad.
If you are going to spend all that money
for the IELTS exam and
and gear up (prepare) to study abroad,
give a good reason
Tell them about your passion
your goal or your mission
and that will make you a very attractive candidate
and help you get a higher Band score.
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IELTS Speaking Test - Best Answer for "I Am Working" Topic

200 Folder Collection
ben published on July 27, 2018
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