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Hi everybody Professor T with an IELTS
Speaking Test 2017 lesson about

describing good service. This question
has been on recent exams and there's a

way to organize answering it so your
answer is complete and full and

informative. What you want to do is
organize your thoughts during the minute

that you're given for this question as
to what you purchased and where and why

it was good service. It could be a
restaurant it could be a store or

getting something repaired. If you can
organize that like a news story what

happened and where with whom and how and
what then you won't run out of things to

say. So for many questions you can answer
in this format is I call it the news

format because it gives in a couple of
paragraphs exactly what happened so

here's an example of a good service
experience that I had you could respond

to the IELTS examiner by saying - I had a
good service experience it was at a

motorcycle repair shop. It's in the small
town where I live and I have this

motorcycle then I bought secondhand so
sometimes things wear out. The person who

repaired the motorcycle really did a
great job and noticed some other things

that were unsafe about the bike. The
brakes had gotten worn down and there

was something in the engine that needed
adjusting so the repair person did all

of these things for me at the original
price that we'd agreed on. He did a lot

of extra work for me and I really
appreciated that so I posted a review of

the shop online so other people would
know to go to visit this particular

person. He goes above what is required to
make sure the motorcycle is safe but

charges is the same price. I thought this
was very good service because I'll go

back there again and again
rather than going to somewhere else. This

person won my business by giving this
good service. So in that answer you've

given an overview of who it was and
where it was and what happened and the

consequence of it. This person got a
great review from me and more business

that way of answering IELTS Speaking
Test Sections 2 and 3 questions

can be very clear and also organized way
of stating the many things regarding the

question. So you give a complete answer
that is fully in details

I could have described the color of the
motorcycle or what the person looked

like there's a lot of other ways you
could add to that story but the basic

part of it is who and where and what
happened and then the consequence. You

can use these to increase your IELTS
Speaking Test score. I've written a book

all about these tips and techniques for
the IELTS and I'll let you know when

it's on sale so you can get that and
help you become a better IELTS prepared

student it's so essential to know these
tips and techniques so that you can

succeed and then go on to your next
success at school or for emigrating

abroad with the IELTS. So study hard
remember this structure for reporting on

something that happened to you and tell
a great story!

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IELTS Speaking Test Example On A Good Service Experience

218 Folder Collection
ben published on July 27, 2018
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