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Hi everybody is Professor T! This is an
IELTS Speaking Test question that's been

on the IELTS in 2017. They do change the
subjects and topics from time to time to

keep things fresh so here's one that's
been asked recently describe an

interesting neighbor and what makes a
neighbor interesting and what kind of

neighbor are you to your neighbors so
it's all about how we interact with

people who are our neighbors and here's
an example of how you could answer those

three questions I have a neighbor who's
from England so we're from a different

country he speaks the same language as
me but in a very different way so at

first we weren't really good friends
because there's some competition between

America my country and England but we
become friends over time and we share

more things we do like to joke around
about the difference in our accents the

difference in sports and politics but
it's light-hearted and fun as I got to

know this guy I learned that he liked to
read so I gave him some books that I

thought would be interesting to him plus
he has an interesting story since he was

a professional soldier and traveled all
over the world and he did a lot of

humanitarian work as well so I tried to
be a good neighbor by not making too

much noise but also in helping find out
what someone else needs and helping them

do it I helped this guy with his garden
some times and so if I go to town and

buy some special snacks I bring them
over for he and his wife just to be

friendly and neighborly those kind of
things make a good neighbour so I think

I'm a good neighbor because I try hard
to be respectful and I found things that

we have in common
and by being conscientious so that kind

of answer covers what is a good neighbor
and how you interact with your neighbors

in your hometown your neighbor might be
a family you

for a long time or it may be someone new
to the neighborhood you can describe

somebody in the neighborhood that's
interesting maybe there's an older

person who has had a lot of experience
in some type of business

maybe there's a cute little kid in your
neighborhood that you like to see grow

up or you have fun with maybe your
neighbors are your best friends or your

cousins that you've known for a long
time so there's always someone to talk

about who's in neighbor well maybe you
don't really know your neighbors some

people live in apartment buildings and
they don't really know their neighbors

because they only see them on the
hallway so you can describe something

like that and then describe the
characteristics of what a good neighbor

is and what a bad neighbor is and we
know how to be a good neighbor don't

steal anything
don't don't borrow a guy's car without

permission and try to be respectful in
terms of noise and so on so that's a

good answer for the IELTS - the
questions are changed from time to time

to make it more interesting for the
IELTS examiner's and also to prevent

people from preparing too much for the
IELTS by memorizing an answer. What you

want to do is while you're listening to
the question take down some notes of

advantages and disadvantages what you do
and what you don't do and then when

you're giving your reply to the question
you'll have a very organized way of

delivering a great answer that explains
about your life and that's the most

interesting thing for an IELTS examiner
is to learn about someone else's life

and to hear a story that's well
organized and well told. So I wish you

good luck, study hard and tell a great
story on the IELTS!

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339 Folder Collection
ben published on July 27, 2018
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