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God, this place is so nice.
This is supposed to be one of the best French places in town.
Mmm, I did not realize that you were so cultured.
You're sweet.
My French is pretty good,
so I can order for both of us.
If you'd like.
Well, well, well.
Welcome to Chez de la Notre Vendre,
I am your waiter for this evening.
My name is Jean-Luc de la Pierre-Renault,
But you may call me Jean.
Bonjour, Jean.
Ooh, look at you.
If you have any questions about anything at all,
I am more than happy to assist you—
Jean? I got it.
- Merci beaucoup. - Tres bien.
Well, our first special tonight is our poisson du jour.
It's a loup de mer plus [speaking French],
Served with a [speaking French],
That is served on a bed of [speaking French]
And also served with [speaking French]
And [speaking French].
- our soup today is a [speaking French]
With a--just a dash of [speaking French]
And served with melted [speaking French].
Our other seafood today--
We have a very nice [speaking French],
From the [speaking French] valley in [speaking french].
It is served with a side of [speaking French]
[continues speaking French] sauce.
Man, it's just, I'm a little bit overwhelmed.
Oh, god, I'm so glad you said that.
I was about to say the same thing.
So you would recommend getting the [speaking French]
with the, um... ooh, I'm sorry,
is the [speaking French]
in a heavy [speaking French] sauce?
Oh, no, no, no.
It's more like a [speaking French] sauce.
What do you think?
I'm gonna defer to him on this one,
because he knows this stuff way better than I do.
Oh, yes. Monsieur?
Um, yeah. We're... we'll have the...
[speaking gibberish]
[nasal honking]
[speaking gibberish]
[speaking gibberish]
We'll try the fleur...
[speaking gibberish]
It's been nice knowing you. Have a lovely dinner.
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French Restaurant - Key & Peele

830 Folder Collection
Samuel published on July 27, 2018
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