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  • This is Mark from and this is Episode 3 of IELTS Speaking

  • questions and answers. This high-band example answer is about school uniforms.

  • Should students wear school uniforms? I think there are more positives than

  • drawbacks when it comes to school uniforms. The most common argument is

  • that it actually stops bullying. Students don't have to worry about bringing their

  • own clothes at the school and potentially being made fun of or bullied

  • for their clothes. It's especially useful if a school has lots of students from

  • different levels of society. As well as that, I think it can instill a sense of

  • school pride - if everyone's wearing the same uniform and everyone looks the same,

  • students might feel like they belong to something bigger than them.

  • Finally, I remember when I was a student, if I got into trouble outside of school

  • people would recognize my uniform and know what school I go to, and then call the

  • school. So I think the school uniforms can also prevent students misbehaving

  • outside of school as well. Check out for more IELTS courses

  • lessons and tips.

This is Mark from and this is Episode 3 of IELTS Speaking

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