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  • Hi, I'm Phil from BBC Learning English.

  • Today, I'm gonna tell you five ways to use 'in' with time expressions.

  • Number one: months.

  • I can say: I'm going on holiday in May.

  • Number two: seasons.

  • So, we can say: In winter, it's cold.

  • Number three: years.

  • So, I can say: I finished school in 2000.

  • Number four: most times of day.

  • I leave home in the morning.

  • I get home in the evening.

  • But, I go to sleep at night.

  • It's an exception!

  • Number five.

  • We use it with in the past, in the present and in the future.

  • In the future, you'll learn everything from videos.

Hi, I'm Phil from BBC Learning English.

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EIAM: Five ways to use 'in' with time expressions

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    Evangeline posted on 2021/03/31
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