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Hey, that was a foul, you broke my neck!
No I didn't, otherwise the yellow man would have said "foul"
Hey, that's got to be a foul! You kicked my face!
Shoot it!
You've broken the game!
Hi guys, welcome to "Let's Play Games"
This week Rosie and I are playing Fifa 2015
Rosie, what do you know about football?
Right, nothing
Which football tournament is played on clay?
On clay?
Uh huh
On clay...
Football tournament on clay...
The world cup
I'm in blue
Ugh that's my least favourite colour
Oh can I change...?
Right okay
Is there a pink one?
There's not a pink-
Why not? That's sexism
Men can wear pink
I've got the ball!
Yeah I know!
I've got the ball! Which way- How do I know where my own goal is?
You're going right!
Let's go the other way
How do you tackle?!
How do you tackle?!
Rose, how do I know where my-
I'm gonna beat someone up
Run, run...
...run, shoot, shoot...
Caught it. You never catch things
Are you stupid? You're red
You just shot an own goal
No, Rosie...
Are you stupid?
That's your goal...
You're red
No, I'm blue, you're red
Your goalie's red, I know it's confusing
Everything's small, it looks like tiny ants
Fuck off
They're not very fast
Fuck off!
How do I-?
it's a foul
Oh shit, I got a yellow card
Why does it say "friendly" when you clearly just fouled me?
Look, it's replaying it
What did you do?
You tripped me up on purpose!
You look like Niall from One Direction so...
I don't- I just don't understand how they can run so slow
Like I'm not being f- I'm not being a bitch but-
Run faster
Yeah, like, I thought you were professional atheletes
Yeah, they've got to go forty five minutes, am I right?
They can barely go a second
Oh, that was a good save though, did you see that? Right in the bottom corner there...
I wish you could go forty five minutes...
Why are they not- they're not very fast at running...
No, I know, Tomb Raider runs faster
Rosie, you just did a backwards kick, I was really impressed with that, actually
I can do a backwards kick in real life
Someone taught me once
What's tackle?
You'd think I'd be a lot better at this game-
Have you noticed I'm winning?
No- Rosie, how are you winning?! You haven't scored!
Is that me or you?
That's me! I'm blue!
Oh! That's why I'm not doing it!
I'm red!
Right, now get the fuck out of the way you bitch
Why do I keep kicking it the wrong wa-
I just threw it over the line!
Right, I kicked it over the line, you threw it back in and over the line again
I think I'm getting better
I think I was just out of breath before
Oh I hit the post!
I hit the post!
He's so angry about it!
Not being funny, he's paid millions...
It says Arsenal's got six and Chelsea's got zero-
Shots on target
-you've only got one- oh
Shots on target, yeah, yeah
What does that mean?
It means that I've got six shots on target
Pass it, you penis!
Come on, straight in! Straight in! Straight in!
Yes! It's in!
I did it! I scored! I scored!
Is that it?
Yes! Oh, it's half time
No, it's only half time
Do we get oranges?
Game: So we reach half time, 1-0 the score with Arsenal leading
Game: Chelsea ready and off and running...
Right, I know exactly what I'm doing
I've actually got a game plan now
Yes! You scored an own goal!
Oh my god!
*whispered* Rosie, that was you...
*sad piano music starts playing*
I thought it was going towards the right goal...
Oh I thought I'd just scored a goal...
*the sound of Rose losing her shit*
Er, okay, why's my goal moved?
Is it 'cause of half time?
Do they swap sides?
No-one told me the rules
So I was like, "Yeah! I'll take it to the goal!"
I'm crying!
Oh my god...
*more of Rose losing her shit*
I'm really upset by that actually
Aww, no-one told me the rules about half time...
...and then I did an own goal and thought I was winning
Where the hell is sprint, no offence?
Like, why-
I know, like I said, I run faster in Tomb Raider and she's got massive tits
Uh, come on! Come on!
So there you have it, that was Fifa 2015!
What do you think of the game?
Okay, so, will we be playing it again? I think we will
I think we can just practise a lot and get better
Maybe we can practise a lot
You're gonna have to practice a lot...
Alright guys, that was the video, I hope you liked it
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There has been a slight mishap with The Sims
I may have accidentally lost the game
but don't panic, okay!
Don't panic, I'm rebuilding everything with everybody in it
In fact, it's going to be more like LEZ play games
Lez play games! We're going to have lesbian Youtubers
We're going to have lesbian houses
and we're going to still be building in subscribers, so don't you worry
There is a delay but it's coming back bigger and better than ever!
Alright guys, take care, erm...
...do life right...
...and we will see you soon
Alright, bye!
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93 Folder Collection
Laura published on July 24, 2018
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