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What's up guys? It's Sarah welcome back to my channel in today's video
I'm back with my forth video in my five day series
Which is where I post every single day for five days some guys haven't subscribed hit the subscribe button so you don't miss a video in this series
It's tomorrows video for day four
I thought i would come back with
Some back to school outfit so about five outfits for school duh and also if you guys want to check out the other ones that I've posted
so far
I'll have my back to school playlist in the downbar so you can check it out if you super bored
I'd like them. I mean lowkey. I am 100% about wearing like a sweater
and like leggings to school not gonna Lie... but like just in case you have more look at this super cute
I thought I makes it video and I tried my very hardest to keep people's dress codes in line
But without going out and buying new clothes
So if some isn't like dress code appropriate for you as you can switch it out for something else
I think have a pair of denim shorts in this video that may be a little too short
Give the video a thumbs up if you guys like it, and if you guys want enter my back-to-school giveaway, all you
guys have to do is just follow me on Instagram. I'm currently having two giveaways at the moment so if you want follow me on instagram
I just want to mention that we are so so sorry close to hitting 800 K subscribers which is
insane so im super curious
Where are you guys from leave a comment down below letting me know what country you guys are from because I'm nosey
Let's get into the outfits!
Very first outfit I feel like I was really channeling how much I love bed
pretty much outfit a pop from the shoulder is exactly what I would wear if I was having a comfy day in bed at home
so yeah, I was channeling my inner Monday vibes
I'm not the kind of person that's going to get dressed up on a Monday because like I'm pretty much just going to roll out
Of bed and go to school for my sweater. I just got this one off
Misguided I've actually worn it a lot recently
It's probably my favorite and it's so soft inside, so bonus points and if I'm wearing a sweater
I'll normally pair it with some denim shorts or pair of jeans
So depending on your dress code you guys can totally switch it up. For shoes
I just had it with some sneakers if you guys are a part of the no hat squad no hats at school
I'm sorry, but I did wear this beanie from asos it is so cute and comfy and bad hair day to do so like goals
My next outfit. I feel like it's still a super comfortable outfit, but like it's a little less comfortable is a little more cute
Why are those outfits that I'm like so proud of that
I've like finally work out this combination, so I'm probably going to wear it every day
Do you guys do that you guys just worked out a combination?
and then you're like
This is my everyday outfit.. I have this really cute Cardigan on it that I got off asos
And then I have this white t-shirt on that is so so comfortable. So this shirt is actually is not a crop top
But I've been tying it up recently and when I tied it up. I've been stretching the fabric
So I wasn't intending to tie it up, but the fabric was like so saggy
But I was like mmM this kind of looks bad
Well my shoes I have some sneakers on that I got at asos they had yellow shoelaces
It was not planned, but it went perfectly with the Cardigan, so I was like why not and to finish it off
I just had on the worlds old comfies elastic denim shorts
Moving on to the next outfit
I just took this little dress pinafore denim situation which is called like overalls pinafore
I don't really know but I just put that on over the top of a white t-shirt this one's actually like white and black striped
And it's got like a little dinosaur
And it says old school because it's trying to be funny you guys get it let me know haha
I'm now realizing that pretty much the only kind of shoes that I wear are sneakers
So I have these old school vans on and it's like really pretty like blue color. I'm so obsessed though,
this color you guys probably already know, but it's my Fav color
I seem to mention it in every single video. So if you guys didn't know... now you know
and tbh something like this or like the first super comfortable outfit is pretty much what I would wear on like a
Daily basis so like something super comfortable or an outfit like this, but it's super easy to put together so
I just have a t-shirt that I got off misguided on it says...wait...
I didn't even know what it actually says the lost angels
I'm pretty sure. I don't know how I never read what they shirt says
But anyway
I also paired the outfit with this flannel shirt in case it gets cold outside
Because like go to make sure that you're prepared for every situation
For my sneakers I have it these really cute ones that Kane bought me in the shopping challenge that we posted yesterday
Boyfriend buys, my outfits dress code edition if you guys want to check it out
I'll link it down below sneaky little promo and seeing as my top was slightly cropped
I just had it with these high-waisted jeans and that I distress myself
So let me know if you guys want me do a diy on ripping your jeans
And if I'm gonna dress cute is probably going to be on a Friday because lets be real if I'm doing anything else at school
It's probably on a Friday, so. I said put together something a little cuter for Friday, okay?
I said Friday like five times. I have these denim skirt on that
I got from a store called glasons, and I paired it with you belt as well
I got the belt from a sloth about actually is not a necessity
But I thought it was kind of nice
for my top it is from a asos and pretty sure like 98 precent sure... hopefully I'm not about to tell a lie
But I'm pretty sure this was super cheap, and I think I looked at it before and I think it was on sale
So hopefully it is if not I'll be really sad, and then I have some converse sneakers on as well
Because apparently I'm really obsessed with sneakers
So that is it for this video. Hopefully you guys liked it comment down below on it when your favorite outfit
I'm like tossing up between the yellow Cardigan outfit
And then the sweater outfit because like comfort is key. While you guys are down in the comments
Don't forget to let me know what country you're from because I'm super nosey so I wanna know let me know where you're from
Give the video a thumbs up if you guys did like it
And you guys want to enter up my back-to-school giveaway
And all you have to do is follow me on instagram my handle is
@sarahjanebetts and i try to keep my feed as cute as possable so make sure to come over and follow me
And you're like what can I do then you have to totally check out my back-to-school playlist in the description
I have so many back to school videos on my channel
So if you want to check it out check it.... check it
But hopefully I having an awesome day you go and hit the subscribe button hit to subscribe
Button so we dont miss out on tomorrow's video, and I also post every single week. But thank you guys so much for watching and i will see you in tomorrows vide byeee!
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OUTFIT IDEAS FOR SCHOOL 2017! Comfy & Cute Back To School Outfits / Lookbook!

184 Folder Collection
amber0404.deng published on July 23, 2018
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