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Yes Food Tube, John Quilter aka The Food Busker back in the house
and i've got a simple, tasty prawn dish that's going to blow your mind
fried with chilli and garlic, it's so delicious but there's a great little twist to this recipe
because we've teamed up with 'There's A Beer For That'
Now these guys are brilliant because they show you how to match great beer with great food
I love this dish because it's so big on flavour but you've got to get all the prep done because it happens really
quickly in the pan. Now these are king prawns, you can use tiger prawns
you could use the smaller ones if you wanted to, I'm using these guys because they're packed full of flavour
there's so much meat there. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to cut it open and take out the vein
that's sometimes is there and then you might just want to cut through just a little bit more
so that you open it up fully, i'm leaving the shell on because it's going to add so much flavour
you can take it off if you want to but try it with it on. Okay so that's done and now let's go and wash my hands
because you've been handling raw fish
Right okay, now let's get the rest of the ingredients done. So garlic, I want to take the heel off and then
I want to thinly slice it
Four cloves done, looks like a lot of garlic right? Don't worry about that, it's going into the oil, the oils going to
calm all that garlicky flavour down and bring it down to a natural hum, rather than an aggressive garlic feel
Right, let's grab a couple of chillies.
You can take the seeds out if you're worrying about it being too hot but this is going to go into the oil
it's going to calm it down so I'm going to leave them in
we're just going to cut them on the slant, okay that's your chilli and your garlic done
look at the colour and the flavour getting ready. Now let's get out parsley done
so just grab some beautiful, fresh flat leaf parsley and just pick the leaves off
scoop up your parsley, get it into a ball and then we're going to tightly chop this
Okay, final ingredient, let's just get a lemon. We're going to squeeze that in, that acidity is going to cut through
the moreish-ness of the garlic and the chilli and the oil, it's going to be delicious
the next thing we got to do is get our pan on, all the prep's done let's talk about the beers that
are going to go with this. Now, I've chosen lagers. Guys seriously you've got to have another look at lagers
there's so many different types with different characteristics and flavours. They're refreshing
and balanced with a subtle sweetness and a refreshing bitterness. They really kind of reset your pallet
when you're eating so that it invites you to go again with the food
Right guys, everything's ready, time to cook.
First thing we do, get some oil in the pan
three or four tablespoons of good olive oil
make sure your pan is nice and hot
Now i'm going to take nob of butter
a good sizeable one and drop that in
and that's going to start fizzing straight away
now normally butter would burn but the oil alters the temperature and so it's not going to burn
and that butter is going to add a really luxurious flavour to the prawns
now let's get the garlic and the chilli in
Let's get our prawns in
scoop those up and just drop it in
there's enough prawns here to feed about 4 people as a starter or 2 people as a main
leave them in there and we're going to let them colour on one side
okay, and then they really don't take very long
you begin to see they're turning pink and they're caramelising, it's going to be absolutely gorgeous
these are ready, so I've got some rocket in a bowl there, I'm just going to get my parsley
and just drop that in, listen to that crackle, that's releasing all the flavour from the parsley
and then just get a nice big lemon wedge and just squeeze it in
cooked in the space of 2 minutes and then just look how good this stuff looks at the top
you just drop that on, there's some fresh crusty bread if you want to go with it
but look at that guy, absolutely mega
I've got 3 great lagers that are perfect with these prawns
this one's really refreshing and clean and got a subtle sweetness to it
this one's richer and it's got a peppery bitterness to it
and this one which I'm going to go for today has got tropical fruits and citrus, really refreshing
Really refreshing, really getting that tropical fruit
what you do is you start off with that, kind of like layering different flavour
now let's try some prawn
Oh my god, let's have a bit more lager with that now
that tropical fruit really, really compliments all the flavours that's going on with the shrimp
what's great about it, is that it refreshes my pallet encouraging me to crack on with another prawn
ahh brothers and sisters so good
they work so well together but what would you've matched these prawns with?
let me know in the comment box below, there's no rules when it comes to beer and food
and if you want to learn more about that then click on the link above
and people subscribe to drinks tube
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Chilli & Garlic Prawns with Beer Matching | John Quilter

300 Folder Collection
Justin Ho published on July 21, 2018
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