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  • JACK BLACK: Hi, I'm Jack.

  • ELMO: And Elmo's Emol.

  • JACK BLACK: And we're going to tell you about the most

  • awesome word in the whole wide world.

  • ELMO: Oh, what's the word, Mr. Jack?

  • What's the word?

  • JACK BLACK: OK, the word is disguise.

  • ELMO: Disguise?

  • JACK BLACK: Disguise.

  • ELMO: Well, what's a disguise?

  • JACK BLACK: Disguise is when you change the way something

  • looks to make it hard to tell what it is.

  • ELMO: Oh, a disguise.

  • JACK BLACK: You know what, Elmo?

  • ELMO: What?

  • JACK BLACK: I happen to be a master of disguise.

  • ELMO: No.

  • JACK BLACK: Oh, yeah.

  • In fact, I can totally disguise myself, and you would

  • never, ever, ever even know it was me.

  • ELMO: No!

  • JACK BLACK: Oh, yeah.

  • Check out my disguise expertise in action.

  • ELMO: Oh, OK.

  • Let's see this.

  • Oh!

  • Wow!

  • Nice hat and glasses, Mr. Jack.

  • JACK BLACK: Wait a minute.

  • ELMO: What?

  • JACK BLACK: You knew it was me?

  • Yes.

  • Then you saw through my disguise.

  • ELMO: Well, Elmo guess so.

  • JACK BLACK: OK, all right.

  • I just have to dig a little deeper in my

  • treasure trove of disguises.

  • Excuse me.

  • ELMO: OK.

  • Elmo will excuse you.

  • Whoa.

  • Mr. Jack is funny.

  • JACK BLACK: What?

  • You knew it was me again?

  • ELMO: Yes!

  • JACK BLACK: But what about my disguise?

  • ELMO: Oh, sorry.

  • JACK BLACK: That's it, I'm done.

  • I guess my powers of disguise are no longer potent.

  • I give up.

  • ELMO: Oh, but Mr. Jack, where are you going?


  • ELMO: Oh, Mr. Chicken, have you seen Mr. Jack Black?

  • JACK BLACK: Ah-hah!

  • My disguise worked.

  • ELMO: Mr. Jack Black?

  • JACK BLACK: That's right, it's me.

  • I totally disguised myself as a chicken.

  • ELMO: Wow!

  • Nice disguise.

  • JACK BLACK: Thank you.

  • Disguise.


  • ELMO: Whoa.

  • JACK BLACK: I think I just laid an egg.

  • ELMO: Mr. Jack is good!

  • JACK BLACK: Yes, I am.

JACK BLACK: Hi, I'm Jack.

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Sesame Street: Jack Black and Elmo -- Disguise

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    Caurora posted on 2018/07/20
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