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There's no resolution.
It's just, “Fuck you.”
“Fuck me?"
"Fuck you."
"Aight. Bye.”
And it's like, “C'mon bro.”
That's what's wrong with the world.
How do we create a resolution?
As soon as the video opens immediately it's offensive, immediately offensive to everybody.
Because you don't know my voice, because you've never heard me before you are going
to think that this guy, and I think that's where the shock factor comes into play like
“Who is this motherfucker sitting here saying this shit?”
And I knew that when writing it.
For years there's been a lot of that.
That's not new.
But white people come out like, “Why?"
"My favorite rappers are saying it. Why can't I say it?”
'Cause they're like, “Hey, it's acceptable now.” and then when it's not and somebody
reacts they're just like, “That's not fair.”
Nobody never ever came at me like that.
That would be the end of them.
I couldn't listen to somebody say that shit to me.
Mexicans do all the grunt shit that nobody wants to do.
So basically he was saying, “You should be doing the grunt work, but you can't."
"The Mexicans are doing it."
"So let's kick them out like Donald Trump wanted to do."
"r matter of fact let's send them all to the ghetto then."
He was being an asshole and again being racist.
Pac had this side and then he had that side.
He was a gangster, he was a gentleman, he was a ladies man, he was a revolutionary.
He was all these things in one.
He acknowledged the wrong shit that he's done and he's back tracked and he said
“I said this in an interview, I take that back now because I got more experience."
"I wouldn't do this. I wouldn't do…”
He was real conscious, a lot of these niggas ain't conscious.
Pac openly made mistakes and I think that's a lot of the reason why we look up to him.
There is a lot of hip hop that's spreading a really wack ass message, like doing drugs.
Because hip-hop again it's such a strong voice and a lot of people want to be hip.
Even with the fashion and the tattoos, you see that and you're
like, “I want to be like him.”
It's a cool thing.
Now you're making it cool to be a pill head and you're making a cool to be high all
the time and drunk.
You're just talking, you're just saying the most outlandish shit not thinking that
there is a whole generation and a cult that's following you and what you're saying.
Now what's happening is they're going to grow up and they are, then they start using
those drugs and they start dying and shit, you know what I'm saying?
They start overdosing and it's like, that's your fault bro.
A lot of these owners of these NFL teams they feel like that.
Like, “How dare you kneel?”
Donald Trump has openly said that.
If you really pay attention to the record, like I said it slowly starts to get more and
more and more racist.
It went from the , “Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga,” to, “Nigger!”
He hit that "e-r" real hard.
This is what I meant by the closeted racism shit.
It's cool, and then as time goes on it's out there.
Now they're being real comfortable with it.
Black culture, I guess just being black is enough to die.
You know what I'm saying?
And that's what he was saying.
“Or maybe if you pull your pants up, maybe if you put the grills out of your mouth, maybe"
"if you just stop being black,” pretty much.
He's saying all this fucked up shit, but then he goes, “Well, you know what?"
"I'm open-minded enough to listen to you."
"I'm not gonna say all this fucked up shit and leave it at that."
"I want to know what you think about me.”
Fuck you.
We're not gonna do all the, “With all due respect.”
Clearly you don't like me, I don't like you.
You just shitted on my life, so let's just get disrespectful.
There's a lot of culture vultures, man.
There's a lot of people that
just directly just rip off the black culture.
Black culture come up with a lot of cool shit.
So you'll shit on the black man and you'll be racist as fuck, but then you take the very
things that you're claiming that is what is making him
ignorant, and now you want to take those things
because they're cool.
I made a whole record about it called “Half Nigga” a while ago.
It just breaks down everything that I've been through growing up.
To feel like you don't know where to fit in.
Man I swear every time I see an article pop up on CNN or some shit my heart drops like
North Korea fired a ballistic missile blah, blah, blah and I'm like, “Oh shit!"
I feel like these niggas going to hit us with a nuke soon bro.
Fucking around with Trump bro, that dude is reckless and Kim Jong-Un, the president over
there, that motherfucker don't play neither.
So it's like he ready to push that button bro.
Again, I was speaking from the perspective of somebody who's actually really full black
that is going through all of these things.
Getting harrassed by the police.
I would imagine it's enough to make somebody cry.
Again, my intention was to create a resolution.
To kind of get people to open up their minds a little bit.
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Joyner Lucas "I'm Not Racist" Official Lyrics & Meaning

1702 Folder Collection
周紘宇 published on July 18, 2018
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