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  • I grew up with the NES. That was my first console. And I have a lot of good memories

  • from it...the classic games, the exciting newness of the home console, the sore palms

  • from that rigid controller. I even remember all the educational games...especially the

  • Sesame Street titles. It was a win-in. I loved learning, I loved puppets.

  • Yeah, it is. And I'll be honest, my first inclination was to laugh at this game. It's,

  • like, an hour long, it's about this underwater farm or something. Listen, my office is underwater.

  • And I gotta tell you...there are no aquatic chickens or mermaid children under the sea.

  • There's total darkness, fatal levels of water pressure and horrors unimaginable.

  • There are mermaids, but...they don't exactly help with your vocabulary.

  • But before I could laugh, I thought about Sesame Street. Sesame Street ABC, to be exact.

  • I thought about Big Bird's ferris wheel of spelling and Ernie's bath tub. I thought

  • about how...they're short, there's almost nothing to them. And I realized that, if I

  • were introduced to them today, my first inclination...would be to laugh.

  • I don't want to laugh at Sesame Street ABC. And for some kid, this...whatever it

  • probably their Sesame Street ABC. Yeah, it's short and weird and it's nowhere near as

  • cool as puppets...but it's not my place to crap on the Bubble Guppies.

  • For a five-year-old preschooler, this is a sweet little DS game.

  • Obviously, I've spent a lot of time reminiscing and making comparisons, and that's because...there's

  • really not much to say about the game itself. This is a very simple educational game for

  • preschoolers, based on the popular Nickelodeon series. It's a collection of more than 20

  • little problems and minigames, all with an emphasis on preschool learningshapes, color,

  • vocabulary, agricultural development.

  • The game is arranged into a linear story, so there's a sense of progression. As you

  • complete minigames, you earn traffic cones that allow you to guide a little bus to the

  • next location. The minigames all use the touch screen in some capacity, which is an awesome

  • way to introduce and acclimate kids to the technology of touch.

  • No chuckling. I said there'd be no laughing. Knock it off.

  • This is definitely a fun, safe and smart game for little kids, but I do wonder about the

  • price and format. I mean, this is a $30 Nintendo DS game that requires a stylus. You can find

  • awesome educational games on the App Store for literally a fraction of the price...and

  • without the need for a stylus.

  • But if your kid is as enthralled by the Bubble Guppies as I was by Oscar The Grouch, well...this

  • is a game they'll remember for a long time.

I grew up with the NES. That was my first console. And I have a lot of good memories

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