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  • Everything looks great Maggie, but until this baby comes

  • I don't want you to make a sound. But she's our lead singer mate! I'm sorry but recent research has shown that the umbilical cord

  • Is also a vocal cord now can you tell me who the father is?

  • We will not now if you don't mind I'd like to watch a football match oh

  • Ma'am you really shouldn't teleport when you're pregnant. I'm afraid your only choices air travel

  • If you are seated in an exit row, please hold the door shut for the duration of the flight

  • Suicide pills, mohawk gel, 20 year old Business week turkey and Brie raft. Do you have any dog food left? Oh?

  • can I have the whole can

  • We're always good evergreen terrace miss hey, didn't I go to jail with your brother? Huh contraction?

  • computer hospitals

  • Well looks like I'm gonna have to do this the old-fashioned way, gloves hospital

  • I'm sorry, but there's no room at the inn

  • patient facility Lady this is Maggie Simpson

  • She just played a sold-out show in beijing hmm a star in the east

  • Let me see we do have a little room in the manger. I mean manger your wing

  • Should we start and never go to numbers you know we found something much more effective.

  • I'm glad to hear marge. They're two minutes apart a contraction. No my bills

Everything looks great Maggie, but until this baby comes

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The Simpsons - MAGGIE HAS A BABY

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    robert posted on 2018/07/16
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