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So then I was like, is that guy yelling,
or is he just Chinese?
Hey guys, I'm sorry... you're just, you're making a bunch of Asian jokes
and you're all Asian, and I'm not,
It's just making me a little uncomfortable.
It's fine. Asians are racist against other Asians.
Allow us to Asiansplain.
I'd rather you didn't.
What if we did it in the whitest way possible... in a style of a
Barbershop Quartet?
Oh yay, I got HATS!
Asians don't like Asians
We come from different lands
Asians don't like Asians
If you're Asian you'll understand
You know why we hate you
I don't have a clue
Here's a hint, it rhymes with
World War II
Oh God
Don't even get me started on
World War II
You did some fucked-up shit in
World War II
It's all propaganda!
Many Chinese people standing shoulder to shoulder
to shoulder to shoulder
Cantonese sounds like barking dogs
It's dirty and gross, and covered in smog
Now do me!
Koreans are tacky and flashy
Too much plastic surgery is trashy
Go on...
That's it.
That's it? Half a verse?
Yeah, you're a half a country.
I understand.
We think we're each the best
Don't confuse us for the rest
Are you Chinese?
Hell no! Are you Korean?
Hell no! Are you Japanese?
I wish. I mean, hell no!
Asians don't like Asians
Chinese Korean Japanese
The Top Three Asian countries,
We are the Big Three
Whoa! What about all the other Asian countries, like the Philippines?
No, Philippines: three.
Whoa Korea, I didn't even see you there.
Unbelievable, I'm even getting this from the Philippines?
Asians are super duper
Yeah, you know what guys? I think I get it--
Korea is the worst!
America is the victim!
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Asians Don't Like Asians

6522 Folder Collection
Stephanie published on July 16, 2018    Stephanie translated    Evangeline reviewed
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