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How will people treat you differently when your bank account is bountiful?
How will your tastes change when you can eat at Emeril's every night?
Find out in 10 Things That Change When You Become Rich!
'Government Cut'-- When you start making the big bucks many things
might change for the better, you might also not choose to change much in favor of living
a more secure lifestyle.
One thing that will change whether you like it or not is how much taxes you will have
to pay.
Whereas before you probably got a much needed refund once a year now you will have to pay
If you become 'rich' this usually means a jump into the highest tax bracket.
This bracket is meant for those who make over 400,000 a year.
Once you are in this bracket you will be forced to pay nearly 40 percent of your income back
to the government, 39.6 percent to be exact, This means that if you made one million dollars
in a year you will have to pay $396,000 back when you do your taxes This could be a dramatic
difference as those making less than 40,000 a year only have to pay 15 percent most of
which is already taken out of most workers paychecks.
When you are making the type of serious dough that puts you in the upper tax bracket a lot
of the time these kinds of paydays are the type that you get in a biweekly paycheck where
the taxes are already taken out.
Of course you can always find sly ways to reduce the impact of the taxman's bite.
There are several states that don't require a person to pay any state income tax like
Nevada, Texas and Florida.
You can also donate money to charity or write off business expenses like the thousands of
dollars worth of fuel for your private jet.
'Company Kept '-- If you become wealthy you can almost bank on those you associate
with and call your friends changing drastically, especially if those you found yourself hanging
out with were making a similar amount of money as you before you hit the bigtime.
You will also most likely find yourself with a lot of people coming out of the woodwork
who you haven't been in touch for for years.
There is also the likelihood that when you become rich you will find out who your true
friends are i.e. the people who aren't hanging around asking for loans or to invest in their.
You may even lose some friends who think you sold out and in in extreme cases some friends
from the past might even become enemies because they will try and sell information about your
past or just tarnish it from jealousy.
Many rich people find themselves having to make friends with those making around the
same money as them because they become paranoid of less wealthy friends' real intentions.
Or find themselves living in isolation and more dedicated to their work.
“Snobby Hobbies”-- Once you become filthy rich you might find yourself getting bored
with things that used to entertain you or had to entertain you..
It is quite common for people who suddenly can afford literally everything to have their
tastes change dramatically.
For instance, maybe you enjoyed video games about racing or football but now that you
are a millionaire you can afford to own stock in a race car or go to any football game you
want so it might be hard to find the fun in simulating these experiences.
You also probably won't have to work as much so you will find yourself with a lot
of reading time and the ability to find a place for peace and quiet.
So you can finally catch up on that extensive library sitting around collecting dust you
will most likely develop some hobbies that you never envisioned yourself getting into
such as owning multiple businesses.
If you like music, you can build your own recording studio with all the bells and whistles.
If you are passionate about movies all it really takes to get involved in hollywood
is dough.
You could find yourself being able to lounge around on set just because you forked over
the cash for an executive producer credit.
If you don't want to be lumped into the 'new money' group by the established wealthy
elite you might want to pick up such prestigious hobbies like polo, golf or even raising horses
and participating in equestrian events.
“Humble Abode”--Another hobby that can take up much of the time of a rich person
like yourself is renovating your chateaux, mansion or dare we say it--castle.
Sure you may start off thinking you are gonna buy a modest house that is just big enough
for you and your family's needs but maybe you grow tired of being around the proletariat
at the dirty, noisy public movie theater and decide you want to build your own.
Or maybe your riches have started going to your waistline and you want to build your
dream gym.
Not to mention the rooms for your waitstaff when you stop wanting to cook, garden or rear
your children.
You also will want to ensure the safety of all your new stuff so you will want to move
to a more secluded location and greatly up your security.
When you reach the upper levels of wealth it can be very to hide your success to your
neighbors so it is almost essential to surround yourself with neighbors that are in a similar
tax bracket as you...or better yet no neighbors at all.
“Etch Your Name”--Now that you have achieved wealth and financial stability you no longer
have to worry about merely paying the bills or supporting your family.
Now you have to worry about maintaining this wealth and once you have enough to last a
lifetime, what then?
Well then you may want to focus on ensuring your lasting legacy in history.
How can you do this?
Many wealthy people ensure their name will live on through the years by becoming philanthropists,
donating money to various causes that they believe in.
Investing in startup companies or centers that benefit the community like museums, theater
and sports arenas is another way to guarantee that your achievements will outlive you and
maybe one day you will even get a statue of yourself erected outside the building you
helped lay the foundation for.
If you donate to a university your money might not only help others who attend but may assure
that future generations who bear your name have a leg-up on be accepted, even if they
aren't the brightest of your spawn.
'Jet Set'--Unless you are the odd type of person who gets nostalgic when it comes
to family road-trips where you and yours are crammed into stinky mini-van for hours on
end, you can say goodbye to the traditional trek to Yellowstone, Now that you are rich
why would you waste days driving when you could hire a private jet or your own personal
helicopter to pop in on Old Faithful for breakfast, hit Niagara Falls for lunch and have dinner
in New Orleans' French Quarter.
Once you become rich you are gonna have to make hard decisions that most people only
dream of like which caribbean island you want to visit this summer and the even tougher
test of whether you should go to your grandma's birthday in Nowhere, Kansas or spend the weekend
in Paris instead.
You can also wave farewell to having to stick to a strict budget or schedule for your big
vacations and finally explore the world the way you want to without restrictions.
Instead of staying at a hostel or the budget in you will be able to stay at the Ritz.
Instead of having to commit the tourist faux pas of eating McDonalds when you are running
low on cash you can indulge yourself at the finest restaurants every night.
If you really make it rich you be able to have vacation experiences that most can only
dream of like renting out your own private island or sailing the mediterranean in your
“Rich Taste'--Goodbye Ramen, Goodbye Hot Pockets, Goodbye Dollar Menu!
Hello caviar and lobster!
What's that you say?
You don't like the taste of caviar?
Well that might change when you have pockets full of benjamins.
If you start making a lot of money you will find that your grocery store expeditions are
a lot more fun and less stressful, you will now be able to eat the finest cuts of meat
and easily afford those fancy cheese you have been eyeing.
Not only that but you will be able to frequent the finer restaurants in town.
So whether you like it or not your taste buds are bound to change.
It is a sad fact of life that the some of the best tasting food is also the most expensive
and once you get used to eating these things that were once meant for special occasions
everyday it is hard to go back to the cheap stuff.
You also may be rich enough to afford a personal chef that can both keep you on a healthy diet
and whip up every type of food you could ever dream of.
So you may not like foie gras now but if you strike it rich, don't be surprised if you
can't get enough.
“Wealthy Wheels”-- Whether you are raking in millis or billis, one thing is for certain
you are definitely gonna want an upgrade from the 2002 Hoopty you are rolling around in.
Not only can you now afford a new set of wheels you can probably pay for it all at once and
avoid having to make monthly payments or leasing a car.
If you truly are rich it's not just owning a top of the line vehicle that matters, it's
how you customize that bad boy.
Some of the finest automobile manufacturers like that of Rolls Royce, are known for having
cars that are fully customizable with some of the craziest features that you could ever
dream of.
You might also have to invest in purchasing your own limousine and driver so that you
can work on the go or make the proper entrance at gala affairs.
All of this will certainly cost a pretty penny but being able to not worry about your beater
breaking down on the highway in 100 degree heat is one of the best things about achieving
financial success.
“New Ambition”-- Now that you have achieved your goal of financial success it is time
to set your sights on new horizons and ambitions that you once thought were only a pipedream.
Because you have the money to stabilize things like housing, food and affording a family
you can go after your real dreams.
These new goals may be things that involve your creativity, outdoor adventures or just
becoming even richer.
Now that you don't have to fret about income you can go after passions that other may have
once thought you were just wasting your time with.
You may also find goals that you once thought were extreme or impossible are now incredibly
easy because you can throw money at them or have the free time to attack these obstacles
without being concerned with the financial ramifications of frivolous activities.
“Who Cares?”--Over the years there have been songs and movies that are focused around
the idea that money can't buy love or happiness, but one thing it can buy is confidence and
confidence is one of the main ingredients to finding lasting happiness and love.
Having more money can cause just as many problems as it solves but the the truth it can alleviate
many of the worries that lead to insecurity and fears of rejection.
A wealthy person doesn't have to worry about not having enough money for a date, not being
able to afford decent clothes or their ideas failing because they can just move on to the
next one, so long as they didn't bet the house.
This automatically gives one added confidence when you are trying to establish a romantic
connection with someone.
It can also help you to seem more attractive to someone because you have the added bonus
of providing stability and can afford to take care of them.
Whether people admit it or not if they had to choose between two nearly identical people
yet one has more money they will go with the richer person because of our survival instincts.
Confidence and not stressing about needing a job can also help a person to be successful
in interviews or when pitching a new creative venture.
If you become wealthy you might find yourself not caring about what people think about you
as well because in most cases they need you more than you need them.
What do you think you would change the most about your life if you became rich?
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TOP 10 Things That Change Once You Become RICH!

51 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on July 6, 2018
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