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Feifei: Welcome to The English We Speak.
Hello, I'm Feifei... but where is Rob?
Rob: ... Oh! Hi, Feifei, you're nice and early -
can't wait to get started, hey?
Feifei: I'm not early - you are late!
Rob: Late? No, no, no, no - we said we'd
start at half past ten... didn't we?
Feifei: No - ten o'clock, Rob. Look at this
text message: "Can we start earlier at ten,
please?" and you replied "sure".
Rob: Oh! My bad!
Feifei: Your back? Don't start complaining
about your back just to avoid apologising.
Rob: No, not my back - my bad! I am
apologising - that's what 'my bad' means -
it's an American English phrase that
we use sometimes to mean
we accept responsibility for a mistake.
Feifei: Well, that's good to know. So you're
really saying 'sorry'?
Rob: Well, not exactly. Let's hear some
more examples of using 'my bad'...
My bad! It was me who put my pink socks
in with the white washing - oops!
My friend knocked a glass of red wine
over me and all he could say was 'my bad'
- I don't think he was that bothered!
It was me who lost the car keys - my bad -
I'm sure they'll turn up somewhere.
Feifei: This is The English We Speak from
BBC Learning English, and we're finding
out about the phrase 'my bad' which is
slang for saying my fault, my mistake, I am
to blame - but Rob, just can't bring himself
to say 'sorry'! I'm sensing 'my bad' is a
way of apologising without actually
saying sorry.
Rob: Yes, I suppose so - but I'll say 'sorry'
if that helps. You know I can't be perfect
all the time!
Feifei: That's true.
Rob: Anyway, why are you so keen to start
early today?
Feifei: Oh! My bad - I forgot to tell you
it's Neil's birthday and we're leaving early
to go and celebrate at the pub.
Rob: That is bad - that wasn't a mistake,
you did that on purpose.
Feifei: Why would I do that? Come on,
Rob, I'm sure you can join us - just don't
forget your wallet.
Rob: OK. Bye.
Feifei: Bye.
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My bad: The English We Speak

9673 Folder Collection
Samuel published on July 9, 2018    Jade Weng translated    Evangeline reviewed
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