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now the fact that you clicked on this video tells me that you are kind-hearted
you care about other people in today's lesson we are learning about six caring phrasal verbs
yes that's right we're learning six loving caring phrasal verbs that are commonly used by native
speakers in the UK now before we get started I'd love to know what you care
most about who do you care most about what things do you care most about
perhaps you are particularly passionate about certain causes now I have lots of things that
I'm passionate about I consider myself a very passionate person but there are certain causes I'm also
passionate about and here is one of them MS
2.3 million people around the world are living with MS
that's a huge number but from
today we are going to build a squad that's even bigger a squad that's dedicated
to raising awareness and funding research
I've joined the MS squad and you can too
so listen up Egon Aaron Nick
it's time for you to get your game face on and
join too. Let's kiss goodbye to MS
the first caring phrasal verb is look after if you look after someone it means you
take care of them you make sure they have everything they need perhaps
they're sick or they just need guidance. A child for example would need to be
looked after. In fact I need to be looked after most of the time too. We all need a looking after
we all need a little looking after but you can also use the
phrasal verb look after when you're talking about objects so if I have a
precious watch and I say I need to take this off but I don't want to lose it, it means
a lot to me would you look after it for me and in that case I'm asking you to keep it safe to
keep it for me until I can come back and retrieve it so tell me have you ever
had to look after somebody besides yourself
here are some example sentences
Don't worry about anything. I will look after you
He's not old enough to look after himself properly. Therefore I suggest that he stays with you for a little while so that you can look after him.
caring phrasal verb number 2 is pretty much the same as number 1 and it is
care for To care for If you care for someone it means that you look after
them. You make sure they have everything they need.
We tend to care for older people.
We care for children, for babies, for animals even.
Here are some example sentences:
Who will care for her after the operation?
Please don't hire a nurse. I want to care for you myself.
Caring phrasal verb number 3 is wrap up. wrap up
Notice that the W is silent. Now if you're saying to someone wrap up,
then what you're doing is telling them to put on warm clothing.
Perhaps to wrap up in lots of layers.
OH! It's freezing cold today.
I better wrap up warm. Whoa.
It's just freezing outside so make sure you wrap up warm.
Caring phrasal verb number 4 is to lie down. to lie down
asking someone to lie down, is to instruct them to place their body in a horizontal position
so that they can sleep or rest. I'm just going to lie down for a little while
If someone is feeling unwell or they're very tired, then you might say to them
Look, Lie down. Have a rest. That will make you feel better.
Here's another example sentence:
I will finish tidying the house while you go and lie down.
Caring phrasal verb number 5 is to rest up. rest up
This basically means to rest yourself thoroughly, so to have a good rest.
David was looking unwell, so I told him to go home and rest up.
And the final caring phrasal verb is to slow down. to slow down
This means to be less active and to rest more.
So if someone is very very busy in their lives they're doing lots of lots of things
and you can see it's not good for them and you would advise them
to slow down a bit. Take it easy. Slow down
I think I need to slow down a little bit. How about you?
The doctor has warned me, that if I don't slow down, then I may have a heart attack.
Well I hope you found today's lesson helpful. If you did
then please show me your thumb. Give this video a like before you leave
and don't forget I want to know more about the things that you care most about
So please do leave a comment in the comment section below.
If you want to know more about joining the MS squad and helping
me to raise awareness then there'll be lots of details in the description box below.
So do take some time to have a look through there.
Thank you for your time. Have a lovely day.
Take care and good bye!
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6 Essential Phrasal Verbs for Caring People With Big Hearts #Ad

639 Folder Collection
Samuel published on July 3, 2018
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