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  • now the fact that you clicked on this video tells me that you are kind-hearted

  • you care about other people in today's lesson we are learning about six caring phrasal verbs

  • yes that's right we're learning six loving caring phrasal verbs that are commonly used by native

  • speakers in the UK now before we get started I'd love to know what you care

  • most about who do you care most about what things do you care most about

  • perhaps you are particularly passionate about certain causes now I have lots of things that

  • I'm passionate about I consider myself a very passionate person but there are certain causes I'm also

  • passionate about and here is one of them MS

  • 2.3 million people around the world are living with MS

  • that's a huge number but from

  • today we are going to build a squad that's even bigger a squad that's dedicated

  • to raising awareness and funding research

  • I've joined the MS squad and you can too

  • so listen up Egon Aaron Nick

  • it's time for you to get your game face on and

  • join too. Let's kiss goodbye to MS

  • the first caring phrasal verb is look after if you look after someone it means you

  • take care of them you make sure they have everything they need perhaps

  • they're sick or they just need guidance. A child for example would need to be

  • looked after. In fact I need to be looked after most of the time too. We all need a looking after

  • we all need a little looking after but you can also use the

  • phrasal verb look after when you're talking about objects so if I have a

  • precious watch and I say I need to take this off but I don't want to lose it, it means

  • a lot to me would you look after it for me and in that case I'm asking you to keep it safe to

  • keep it for me until I can come back and retrieve it so tell me have you ever

  • had to look after somebody besides yourself

  • here are some example sentences

  • Don't worry about anything. I will look after you

  • He's not old enough to look after himself properly. Therefore I suggest that he stays with you for a little while so that you can look after him.

  • caring phrasal verb number 2 is pretty much the same as number 1 and it is

  • care for To care for If you care for someone it means that you look after

  • them. You make sure they have everything they need.

  • We tend to care for older people.

  • We care for children, for babies, for animals even.

  • Here are some example sentences:

  • Who will care for her after the operation?

  • Please don't hire a nurse. I want to care for you myself.

  • Caring phrasal verb number 3 is wrap up. wrap up

  • Notice that the W is silent. Now if you're saying to someone wrap up,

  • then what you're doing is telling them to put on warm clothing.

  • Perhaps to wrap up in lots of layers.

  • OH! It's freezing cold today.

  • I better wrap up warm. Whoa.

  • It's just freezing outside so make sure you wrap up warm.

  • Caring phrasal verb number 4 is to lie down. to lie down

  • asking someone to lie down, is to instruct them to place their body in a horizontal position

  • so that they can sleep or rest. I'm just going to lie down for a little while

  • If someone is feeling unwell or they're very tired, then you might say to them

  • Look, Lie down. Have a rest. That will make you feel better.

  • Here's another example sentence:

  • I will finish tidying the house while you go and lie down.

  • Caring phrasal verb number 5 is to rest up. rest up

  • This basically means to rest yourself thoroughly, so to have a good rest.

  • David was looking unwell, so I told him to go home and rest up.

  • And the final caring phrasal verb is to slow down. to slow down

  • This means to be less active and to rest more.

  • So if someone is very very busy in their lives they're doing lots of lots of things

  • and you can see it's not good for them and you would advise them

  • to slow down a bit. Take it easy. Slow down

  • I think I need to slow down a little bit. How about you?

  • The doctor has warned me, that if I don't slow down, then I may have a heart attack.

  • Well I hope you found today's lesson helpful. If you did

  • then please show me your thumb. Give this video a like before you leave

  • and don't forget I want to know more about the things that you care most about

  • So please do leave a comment in the comment section below.

  • If you want to know more about joining the MS squad and helping

  • me to raise awareness then there'll be lots of details in the description box below.

  • So do take some time to have a look through there.

  • Thank you for your time. Have a lovely day.

  • Take care and good bye!

now the fact that you clicked on this video tells me that you are kind-hearted

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