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  • This Great Big Story was made possible by Wells Fargo.

  • Established 1852. Re-Established 2018.

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  • - Science can make a big difference,

  • anywhere from just a simple reaction

  • to a big experiment.

  • If you just find the right application,

  • science can save the world.

  • My name is Gitanjali Rao, and I'm 12 years old.

  • I'm a scientist.

  • I invented a device called Tethys

  • that detects leads in water faster

  • than any other current techniques out there today.

  • I was appalled by the number of people

  • affected by lead in water

  • during the Flint water crisis.

  • I wanted to do something to change this

  • for the residents of Flint

  • and places like Flint all over the world.

  • My device includes a core device

  • and a disposable cartridge

  • with the carbon in a tube sensor.

  • You dip this disposable cartridge into the water

  • you wanna test.

  • You pull out your phone, open up the Tethis application,

  • and connect over Bluetooth to get the results

  • of safe, slightly contaminated, or critical

  • of lead levels in your water.

  • My advice to other kids

  • who wanna save the world is do not be afraid to try.

  • I failed like four or five times,

  • but I got back into the lab,

  • did it again, and then it was like the a-ha moment

  • when everything kind of started coming together

  • and, you know, the device is born.

  • I think that science allows me

  • to look at different approaches

  • to solve real-world problems out there today.

  • It's important to take other people's problems

  • and make something to help them with it,

  • mainly because we're all one big community,

  • and it's our duty to help other people.

This Great Big Story was made possible by Wells Fargo.

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