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  • (Plays soft ballad)

  • Hold me close and hold me fast

  • This magic spell you cast

  • This is la vie en rose

  • When you kiss me, Heaven sighs

  • And though I close my eyes

  • ♪ I see la vie en rose

  • When you press me to your heart

  • ♪ I'm in a world apart

  • ♪ A world where roses bloom

  • And when you speak, angels sing from above

  • Everyday words

  • Seem to turn into love songs

  • Give your heart and soul to me

  • And life will always be

  • La vie en rose.

  • (Plays ending chord)

  • NARRATOR: Kids, I must have heard your mom's rendition

  • Of "La Vie en Rose" a million times over the years.

  • Every night when she tucked you in, for instance.

  • But that performance,

  • That first night I ever heard her sing,

  • that one will always be my favorite.

(Plays soft ballad)

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