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There is a new thing in this one, and for both of you, the underwater sequence.
--Yeah. --Wooo
--And that looked hard. --Oh dear
That was. that was pretty difficult. There was a really technical, probably about a week at Pinewood.
umm.. cause we shot the film here in London and it was all underwater. It's a sequence where this sphere falls off the cliff and
she and the another actor by the name of Justice are stuck in side of this sphere
and I'm on the outside of this sphere, trying to rescue them as it sinks and..
Water is filling up the Gyrosphere
and one point we were completely submerged in the water
Yeah, we spe-- what, I don't know may be a week or 8 days, 9 days we spent in water.
And it was, boy, I'll tell ya, they put a lot of chlorine in the water
because you got a crew of 85 people just pissing in this pool.
No no no no. We didn't have time for people to pee.
So you knew people were peeing?
Oh, I'm certain of it.
Did it look across on their faces? People would suddenly just--
That was good pee face.
Would you mind doing that again?
[laughter and applause]
You just made me tinkle a little bit when you did that.
Cause it's mid-sentence.
Yeah I tinkled a little bit when you made that face.
I mean, you're not supposed to pee in the pool but no one got out
and I know cause I was, I had to be underwater with my eyes open
of course as if I could see with my eyes open underwater.
Chris, did you pee?
I actually ----- myself.
Time is money on the movie like this.
Bryce, you were in the water..
mm-hmm mm-hmm
Well, i was trapped in this Gyrosphere--
--in your defense.
in my defense.
I just felt this freedom as I was working, you know what I mean?
I just was like really present, umm
You didn't pee, Claire peed. --Yes! There it is!
Claire was panicked.
Lost it
--She is such a good actor. --Scared for her life, Graham.
Every time you've said that for the last like 7 months, I'm like
I'm just so deeply shamed.
Aww I forgive you. It's ok.
I really made an effort to stay as dehydrated as possible
the entire time.
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Chris Pratt & Bryce Dallas Howard Swam In Urine During Jurassic World 2 - The Graham Norton Show

1238 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on June 26, 2018
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