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  • Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. I'm Feifei.

  • You are, and I'm Rob.

  • Hey, Rob, a question. Is it right you have a friend who lives on top of a mountain?

  • Errr, no.

  • What about a friend who lives in La Paz, one of the highest cities in the world?

  • Strange question, but no.

  • OK, how about a friend who lives at the top of a very tall tower block?

  • Definitely not. Why are you asking about my friends anyway?

  • Well, someone in the office said you have friends in high places, and I just wondered why it was useful to know people who lived high up.

  • OK, well, if you have friends in high places, it has nothing to do with their physical location.

  • They're people you know who are powerful and in an important position and are able to help you.

  • So these are useful people to know then?

  • They certainly are. Let's hear some examples of other 'friends in high places'.

  • Wang managed to get a promotion, but I'm sure it's only because he knows people in high places.

  • Thanks to his friends in high places, my boyfriend managed to get tickets for the sold-out rock concert. Yeah!

  • Despite failing her exams, Jane still managed to get a place at university

  • I'm sure she has friends in high places.

  • This is The English We Speak from BBC Learning English and we're talking about the phrase 'friends in high places'.

  • These are powerful and important people we know and might be able to help us in some way.

  • So Rob, you know some very important people then?

  • Well, yes, a few. Although not the Queen.

  • Why do you want to know?

  • Well, I have to renew my passport and I need someone important to witness my application.

  • Oh come on Feifei, you know I could do that.

  • Err, sorry Rob. You may be a friend but you're not in a high enough position to do this.

  • Look, it needs a doctor, lawyer or policeman to sign it.

  • Great! So how high am I?

  • About this high.

  • That low. Oh dear. Time to make some new friends. Bye bye.

  • Bye.

Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. I'm Feifei.

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