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Hi, I'm Ashley Weston, I'm a celebrity mentor stylist.
So today, I wanna talk about the top 12 turn-ons for a woman.
Now, before we begin, I wanna just point out that on this list, you are not gonna find attractiveness, because yes, obviously it's something women like and would want, but it's definitely not a requirement.
When I was talking with all of my girlfriends and my sisters, we all agreed on this point, that there are other things that can make up for a lack of attractiveness.
All right, so let's get into the top 12 turn-ons for a woman.
So these are in no particular order, but first up is, we love a man who is decisive.
So a man that is just gonna make a choice.
If we're going out to dinner, he knows exactly where he wants to go.
It's not like, uh, what do you want, what are you in the mood for?
No, we want a man that takes control and is decisive.
The second turn-on is when you are prompt and punctual.
Now, this just shows a woman that you care and that you're respectful towards her.
That's always gonna be something that turns us on.
Now, it may not be a turn-on that we necessarily notice, but we're definitely going to notice if you're always late, because that is a huge instant turn-off for us.
The third turn-on is a well-mannered gentleman.
So that is someone that holds the door open for a woman, and knows not to eat before she's served as well, and you know, just someone that's polite to others.
Now, you'd be really surprised how uncommon it is to find a well-mannered gentleman.
The fourth turn-on is when you smile a lot.
Because that just shows you're really friendly, and you're lighthearted.
Nobody wants someone that's super serious all the time.
Smile more!
Number five, this is a given a great sense of humor is gonna be an instant turn-on.
Now, this is for a woman, as well as just for your friends in general, and people around you.
Everyone likes someone that has a great sense of humor.
Now, does that mean you have to be the life of the party?
No, but a nice well-placed joke here and there goes a long way, and it's something that we all enjoy, and we wanna be around.
The sixth turn-on is when you can maintain a fun and easy-going conversation.
This is what attracts people to someone, when they are able to just have a really fun, lighthearted conversation, rather than someone that just kinda stands there, and is serious.
The seventh turn-on, which is related to the last point, is something that was on every single one of my girlfriends' lists, and that is someone that is a good, attentive listener.
This was a big deal, guys.
So just please give us the respect of listening to us, because it's a huge turn-on, and something we definitely notice.
The next turn-on is when a man has indicators of stability.
So what I mean by that is when a man has great relationships with his friends and family, and he has a great career, or at least is on the right path towards a great career.
The reason why all of these things are important is because it just shows that you potentially will be a great partner in life.
The ninth turn-on, and I think this should go without saying but I'm gonna say it, is a man who is confident.
Not only in himself, but in the things that he does.
The tenth turn-on is when a man constantly wants to learn and expand his horizons.
This is always gonna be a very sexy feature of a man.
Always just having that thirst, that thirst for more knowledge is a huge turn-on.
And the next turn-on for a woman is a man who takes care of himself.
Now, I'm not talking about, you know, late at night, when you're taking care of yourself.
I'm talking about when someone has really great grooming habits.
When you lead a healthy lifestyle.
And if you're watching this channel, you know I've stressed this before, when you are well-dressed.
The twelfth and final turn-on for women is a man who's ambitious and passionate about his career.
A woman is always going to love a man who loves what he does, and is excited by it.
So those are the top 12 turn-ons for women.
I hope you guys enjoyed it.
I left a question in the comments section below, I'd love to hear your answers about that.
And remember, if you like this video, give it a thumbs-up, and subscribe to this channel for more videos like this for more videos like this.
All right, have a wonderful day, I'll see you in the next one.
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Top 12 Biggest Turn-Ons For Women

26577 Folder Collection
Charlotte Chou published on August 26, 2018    Charlotte Chou translated    Evangeline reviewed
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