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You want to travel the world but you
don't have a lot of money? Don't worry.

We've got you covered.
I'm MarKo. I'm Alex, and you're watching

Vagabrothers, your go-to guide for travel
tips inspiration and vlogs here on

YouTube. This is part two of our series
on how to travel around the world for

cheap. One of the most common questions
we get is where should I travel that's

not too expensive? In this video we made
a list of the coolest and cheapest

travel destinations from around the
planet. Before we get started if you like

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section. All right listen up. These are

the cheapest places to travel in the

first up Cape Town, South Africa. Situated
at the southern tip of the African

continent, Cape Town has it all- good
beaches, great weather, wine, and safaris

nearby, not to mention an awesome blend
of European and African culture. Cape Town may

be far away, but once you're there it's
one of the best overall destinations for

your money.
Number 2: Vietnam. Fifty years ago Vietnam
was torn apart by war. Today it's one of
the top travel destinations on the

planet. Ho Chi Minh,
formerly known as Saigon, has tons of

beautiful French colonial architecture.
Hanoi has great street side bars that

serve Bia Pho, fresh beer that costs 25
cents a glass, and the one kind of

expensive thing in Vietnam is sent
through Halong Bay, which is worth it.

It's not the cheapest country in Asia; it
doesn't have the best beaches, but a

motorcycle adventure from Ho Chi Minh
City to Hanoi is totally worth it.

I did it on a bike I bought in a bar for
300 bucks. So can you.

Next up: Ecuador
Ecuador, named after the Equator, is quite
an incredible country. It has the Andes

Mountains; it has the Galapagos Islands; it
has the Amazon rainforest

not to mention beautiful colonial towns
like Quito.... and surf. If you're going

to go anywhere in Latin America,
you should go to Ecuador. Plus they use

the dollar.
Generally speaking, in Europe to
save money, you want to travel east.

Polish city of Krakow is one of the best value
destinations on the continent. It's got a

solid old town with great nightlife, good
restaurants, tons of hostels, and

affordable prices across the board.. Dude,
and dumplings

Next up: Montreal. For a North American
bargain head to Montreal, the capital

city of the Canadian province of Quebec.
Montreal combines French-Canadian

heritage with great food, a killer music
scene, and some of the best prices you

will find in a North American city.
Hands-down, the classic budget traveler

destination has to go to India. It's
cheap as chips, and it has it all.

Does it have stunning scenery?
Dude, the Himalaya. Good food? The best.

Plus, it's vegan friendly. Instagram
potential? Of course, and you'll have

Tinder pics to last until marriage.
There's so much to do, it's hard to know

where to even start.
You've got Mumbai, home to Bollywood, Rajasthan
India's largest and most colorful state,
and of course the Himalaya where you can

pose yoga, meditate Ajayan, and maybe
even see the Dalai Lama. No matter where

you go, you can travel in India for a whole month for the price of one week in Europe.
Forget Spring Break and go to
Mexico City. The vibrant capital of

Mexico is full of amazing street art,
architecture, and some of the best food

on the planet. For those of you in the
United States like ourselves especially

people in California and the southern
border states, Mexico is extremely

accessible. If you're thinking about
Cancun, skip it and head down to Tulum

for some boho beach vibes where you can pose yoga next to Mayan temples .
If you live in the United States, especially
the southern border states, or if you're

from California like us, Mexico is the
closest and one of the cheapest

locations in the world. Head down to Baja
California where you can surf, drink

craft beer, eat lobster tacos ,and drink
amazing wines all for a fraction of the

price that you would pay in the United
States. One of our favorite cities in

Europe is Budapest, a stunning capital
full of Art Nouveau and Baroque

architecture from the golden days of the
Austro-Hungarian Empire. Even better

Budapest sits on top of 120 natural hot
springs that bubble up into these

bathhouses. After soaking your bones all
day, scarf down a bowl of goulash and

then go hit the ruined bars of the
Jewish Quarter. All this can be done for

as low as 35 Euros a day. Feel
like a change of scenery?

How about Nepal? Nepal is the access
point for the Himalaya, and even if

you're not trying to climb Mount Everest,
which I feel like most of us are,

there's a ton of stuff to do: you can go
whitewater rafting, paragliding, explore

the Buddhist monasteries, and even go on
a wildlife safari in the jungles and see

rhino. Yes, they have rhino in Nepal.
The country is still recovering from the

2015 earthquake, so your tourist dollars
will go a long way in rebuilding Nepal.

Sri Lanka is one of the most overlooked
countries in Asia, so if you want

something like India, but are looking for
something more off the beaten path,

Sri Lanka might be for you. This island
nation was once ravaged by civil war but

is now in peace. Travelers are
discovering beautiful beaches, colorful

culture, and the 5,000 elephants that are
just wandering around the country.

Five thousand elephants just walking
around Sri Lanka. The only downside is

because it's still not very developed
for tourism, there aren't a ton of options.

So you might have to spend some time looking around, but here's to adventure.
Next up is Nicaragua
Nicaragua is a Central American country

that is a great alternative to Costa
Rica. Costa Rica is an incredible country,

but because it's become so popular, it's
gotten much more expensive. That's not

the case with Nicaragua. Yet, it's got
undeveloped beaches, great surf, cheap

beer and tons of adventure opportunities.
Towns like San Juan del Sur are a
great place to get started. But get down
to Nicaragua before that all changes.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. The capital
of Argentina is a great place to visit.

It's super fun and a great deal. It's got a
blend of Italian and Spanish immigrants

with French architecture that is
uniquely Argentinean. The bohemian

neighborhood of San Telmo is
especially popular with tourists, but

it's a really good place to stay, especially
if you can find a nice Airbnb. For fun think

steak dinners every night, wash down with Malbec wine, and plenty of
beautiful people teach you how to tango.
Next up: Thailand. Thailand is the go-to
destination for most backpackers and

with good reason.
Where else can you get a private cabana

on the beach for 10 bucks, an hour-long
massage for 5 , and amazing street food for $1?

Only in Thailand. The islands and
beaches are starting to get a bit more

expensive, but Chiang Mai in the north,
Thailand's second largest city ,is still

a great deal, especially if you're trying
to do some trekking or volunteering at

elephant sanctuaries. If you want to head up the islands, Koh Pipi is still a great deal
and Krabi has some incredible
rock-climbing overhanging the ocean.

Next to Thailand is Cambodia, which is even
cheaper and comes with a side of history

that will snap you out of that daze from
all those Thai messages. On one side

you have Angkor Wat, one of the greatest
achievements of mankind. On the other

side, you have the killing fields of the
Khmer Rouge in which one quarter of

Cambodia's population was exterminated
during one of the worst genocides of the

last century. Thankfully, life has
returned to normal in Cambodia, and you

can find a lot of the same stuff in
Thailand, but for cheaper. Back to Europe..

we're going to talk about Greece.
Although Greece is on the Euro, it was

one of the countries that was hardest
hit by the 2008 financial crisis.

That's bad for locals. It's good for you
as a traveler because prices there are

very low. The real gems in Greece are
the islands like Crete, the Instagram

friendly island of Mykonos or Santorini
and the backpacker party spot of Ios.

Mix and match your favorite islands
with a ferry trip, and you're on your way.

At the top of our bucket list is the
Philippines. As we've mentioned, the beaches

of Thailand have gotten relatively
expensive, but people say that

Philippines is twice as cool and half
the price. Add in some of the friendliest

locals on the planet, some cheap air
connections, and the Philippines is looking

pretty good. Heading to South America,
we're talking about Colombia. Colombia,

the country that's long been associated with Pablo Escobar, cocaine, and violence
is finally getting the credit that it
deserves as one of the best destinations

in South America.. and about time because
this country has everything: beaches on

the Pacific and the Caribbean, the Andes
and the Amazon, the Candelaria Quarter in

Bogota, the Spanish colonial port of Cartagena, and the unspoiled coastline
around Santa Marta are all on our bucket
list and should be on yours, as well.

Next up: the Baltic nation of Estonia.
Most travelers either don't know what it is
or think it's part of Russia, but it's a
hidden gem. Tallinn, the capital, has an

immaculately preserved old quarter
that's actually a Unesco World Heritage

site, and it's also a cool part of town
called Kalamaja,

which has a bunch of new modern stuff. It gives you that Nordic vibe at
way less money. Usually overshadowed by
its Central American neighbors,

Guatemala is an incredible country. It's
full of living Maya culture surrounded

by rugged active volcanoes, and little
towns like Antigua are an incredible

place to visit and brush up on your
Spanish. Czech Republic. Prague is an

essential stop on any Europe trip with a
storybook old town and beer that's

cheaper than water, literally. Cheaper and
more beautiful still is Cesky Krumlov

with far fewer crowds and much lower
prices. The next country on our list has

had a tumultuous time in the past couple
of years, especially since the Arab

Spring. I'm talking about Egypt with
constant political protests, military

coups, plane crashes, and the occasional
shark attack. I know it sounds bad, but

Egypt does still have a lot to offer.
Understandably, tourism has dropped by

over 40 percent to Egypt in recent years.
Now it does seem that things have cooled

down there. So if you do go, chances are
you'll get the Pyramids of Giza all to

yourself. And just so you know, the
Pyramids of Giza are one of the only

remaining 7 wonders of the ancient world.
If you're planning a visit here or

anywhere in this region, it's always a
good bet to check with your foreign

office or if you're from the United
States, the State Department.

Moving back stateside, we're going to
New Orleans, Louisiana, my favorite city in the United States.
It blends French and Caribbean
culture with great music, and the food

alone is worth the trip. Skip the crowds at
Mardi Gras and hit the French Quarter in

the shoulder season. There're way
fewer crowds, but Frenchmen Street and

all the live music bars that are on it
are still popping.

Croatia is the darling of most travelers,
but unfortunately its popularity has increased its price..
King's Landing.
Save money by spending time in lesser-known places like Vis,
Plitvice National Park or
its capital Zagreb. Sorry that I
mispronounced all three of those.

Better yet, check out the Bay of Kotor and
Montenegro, the beaches of Albania, or

Sarajevo in Bosnia. Moving back to
Southeast Asia, we have Myanmar or Burma.

I was here in 2009 when this country
was largely closed off to the rest of

the world. There were no ATMs and very
little foreign money. A lot has

changed since then. The country's leaders
have made a lot of progress towards

democracy, and it's a lot more popular
now with travelers. The former capital of

Rangoon is a funky mixture of old
British colonial buildings, and it's a great

place to get your bearings before
heading up to the Temples of Bagan

or Inle Lake. Heading back to
South America, let's talk about Bolivia.

This landlocked Andean country is one of
the best travel bets for South America.

Plus, it's got a bit of everything, from
the world's highest lake to the infamous

death road, which you can do on a
mountain bike, and the world-famous

Uyuni Salt Flats... all of these are great
places to visit, and supposedly Bolivia

has one of the most incredible kind of
lunar martian landscapes.

For the Caribbean, we're recommending Dominican Republic.
It is the cheapest country in the region
with the exception of its next-door neighbor Haiti. D.R. is much
safer than Haiti and has a lot better
tourism infrastructure, so hence a

recommendation. There're great beaches,
but the problem can be that it's hard to

find something that's not an expensive
resort, so check on Airbnb for a bungalow.

Heading back to Eastern Europe, we're
going to Bulgaria, which happens to be

the home country of our good friend Raya,
but also the home of the cheapest

capital in Europe, Sofia. You can eat,
drink, party, and sleep here for well

under $40 a day. That's why it's making
this list. But don't forget that Bulgaria

is on the Black Sea. It has beaches,
islands ,mountains, not to mention UNESCO

sites like Nessebar with incredible
architecture. The best kept secret in

Western Europe is hands-down Portugal.
The capital Lisbon is one of the most

enchanting cities in Europe. Seven hills
dotted with colorful villas

and crisscross with iconic trolley. But
it's not just beautiful, it's great value.

Good luck trying to find a coffee over
one euro

Accommodation in particular is cheap and
easy to find because it's still

undiscovered by most tourists. The only
downside is there's not a lot of direct

flights to Lisbon from other countries
outside of Europe, so you might have to

fly through Madrid and then take a train.
Heading back to Australasia, let's go to

Bali. Bali the most popular island in
Indonesia is no secret...

thanks Eat Pray Love. Nor is it the
cheapest... thanks Australia, but it's still a

good deal for those of you wanting to
get away from it all without much hassle.

Rent an inexpensive villa with a pool, an
automatic motorbike, sign up for some

yoga classes and you're chillin'. Most
people stick to Abood, but if you are a

surfer, head down to the south. Waves like Uluwatu are some of the best in
the world. And if you get bored of Bali.
don't worry there's 17,000 other islands

in Indonesia and all of them are cheaper
than Bali.

Last but not least, Morocco.
Easy to reach from Europe, inexpensive,
this North
African paradise is the original bohemian getaway.

It's the safest country
in North Africa; it's got tons of style.

Tangier is the gritty port popularized
by expats, like the Rolling Stones.

Essaouira is the vibey surf town, complete
with a Portuguese castle and former home

of Jimi Hendrix. Marrakech is the
place to go if you want that vibey

Instagram photo of you chillin' next to a
Riyadh, which are those big courtyards

with the fountain in the middle. All
right. That's our list. If you guys have

been to any of these places, if you have
a favorite, please let us know by adding

a comment in the comment section.
That's how all of us travelers get information
these days, you know, the old-fashioned
way by using the Internet.

Word of mouth, baby. If you liked
the video, give it a thumbs -up, share with

your travel buddies, and don't forget to
subscribe and turn on those

notifications so you get new video updates
every single week. All right you guys, in

the meantime remember to stay curious,
keep exploring, and we will see you guys

and girls on the road. Peace.
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31 INSANELY AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations to VISIT NOW

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