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Hey, guys, welcome to this wonderful video.
Today, we're going to be taking a logo quiz on Buzzfeed.
I'm really excited to see how much I don't pay attention in life.
How about driving?
I feel like I notice logos a lot while driving.
I feel like I only notice the restaurants because I'm always like, "Should I get the Jack-in-the-Box before I go home?"
For me it's McDonald's breakfast.
I love putting jelly on my sausage biscuit.
You have to try it.
Let's move on with this quiz because you're making me hungry.
First one, which one of these is the real Google logo?
Oh, wait, you just picked?
-You know the answer. -I know the answer now so I'm gonna say it's the second one.
Well, I'm so happy I failed straight off the bat.
Failure, guys, A+.
Which one of these is the real BMW logo?
Hold up.
I'm sorry!
Is it blue, white, blue, white or is it white, blue, white, blue.
It's blue, white, blue, white.
Do you have a BMW?
I've had many on my Instagram account.
Oh, I don't know which one it would be so I'm gonna go with your instinct.
Which of these is the real MTV logo?
Number two, I grew up on that font all my life.
Jersey Shore all the way!
Wow, I was watching My Sweet Sixteen.
♪ Gonna spread my wings ♪
♪ Sweet sixteen ♪
And Celebrity Deathmatch.
Oh, miss that, MTV, let's bring that back.
Which one of these is the real Apple logo?
Which is Goddamn easy.
It's obviously the first one, I'm just kidding.
Second one.
It's the second one.
Also, who bit it from the top?
It ruins the balance in your hands.
No, you go straight up center.
You grasp it from the bottom.
Yeah, but now you've got all the apple juices on your finger.
That's why you go from the middle out.
If your eating an apple and there's no apple juices on your finger, you're not eating an apple.
Maybe I'm just eating an apple better.
No, you're eating it poorly.
Wow, don't do this quiz with your friends 'cause otherwise, oh, things are really get heated.
Which one of these is the real Uncle Ben's logo?
What's Uncle Ben?
He made rice.
Oh, wait, what's the difference between these two?
I have no idea.
His tie is a different color.
I think it's the first one because he matched green with blue.
Let's be real, Uncle Ben is fashion.
She was right.
Which of these is the real Lacoste logo?
Is that how you say it?
I just know that they make polos.
Yeah, it was like an early '90s, like, "I'm prep."
I just remember Kanye would wear his polos and pop 'em.
Old school.
It's the second one.
It's the second one 'cause the other one's got way too many spots.
-He's got the chickenpox and he's gotta go to the bathroom or bedroom or doctor. -I don't know what she did with her chickenpox.
I never got 'em.
You're lucky, if I didn't get my shot after, I could've got the shingles.
Did I get it?
You gotta be old.
You'll find out in, like, 30 years.
Which one of these is the real Burger King logo?
I'm gonna go with my instincts.
I thought it was the second one.
It has to be the second one.
But now it kinda looks like the first one.
They both look the same, they're just flipped.
Okay, I'm at Burger King, beep beep, and there's a Burger King to my left, this is my right, wow.
But it's their left.
Anyway, I'm gonna trust your decision.
I'm gonna go with the second one.
Okay, three, two, one, beep.
Boom, I know my Burger King, I know my chicken fries.
Wow, that's new.
The chicken fries?
No, those were old school, they brought 'em back.
Oh, really, I didn't know that.
Yeah, I remember eating those chicken fries in, like, 2002.
Wow, I was five.
Which one of these is a real Domino's Pizza logo?
I'm gonna go with number two but I'm not confident.
In the first one, it feels like it doesn't balance very well 'cause you have, like, a solo dot and then you got two dots, while in the second one you've got two dots and it kinda looks like a triangle with a top dot.
So I'm gonna say it's also number two.
I didn't get her explanation.
I think she took a graphic design class.
Let's see if I'm right, number two, yes!
Which one of these is the real Pizza Hut logo?
It's the second one.
You didn't even give me a chance to say anything.
I'm sorry, sometimes I can just be very aggressive.
I mean, you're right, why have a green accent?
It's got the line to be like, "Pizza Hut!"
We're nailing this.
We're pretty successful.
Which one of these is the Instagram logo?
It's this one.
Why do you say that?
Sometimes when you question me, I get nervous.
I think you're right, I think it is the second one.
I think it's the first one now.
Oh, (beep).
Well, I mean, when you take a picture of the camera, which is a little Polaroid, it's on this side, so when you look at it, it should be on this side.
So I think it is the second one.
I mean, fudge.
Trying to clean up this potty mouth.
It's the Internet, I think you can say bad words.
They just beep it out, like (beep).
That's where the editor then just makes...
Or they don't put a sound, we just look like idiots.
Which of these is the real Subway logo?
Oh, is it yellow to white or is it white to yellow?
It's yellow to white.
No, I think it's white to yellow.
I'll go with you and if you're right...
Last time I got it wrong, remember?
So maybe you choose and then I'll just judge you later.
Yeah, you choose.
Ha-ha, what up?
Boom, boom, boom, I know my subs.
Eat it fresh.
So if you guys are adventurous, look down in the description below and take this crazy test, too.
Subscribe and comment!
You can follow me.
Yeah, me too.
I don't work here anymore.
You follow me.
I'm trying to survive.
Alright, cut.
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We Took The Ultimate Logo Quiz

7308 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on February 27, 2019    Stephanie translated    Evangeline reviewed
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