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Most people think this fruit smells terrible.
It's been described using words like rotting onions or raw sewage.
Not this guy, though.
It's a very good smell to me.
(lively music)
My name is Chang Teik Seng.
They call me Durian Seng.
I'm a farmer.
Until now, nearly thirty years selling durian, that's why they call me Durian Seng.
If you're not that familiar with durian, It has a spiky rind and the inside, is a yellow, soft colored creamy fruit.
It's native to Southeast Asia and because of its odor, is actually banned from many public places.
Durian is forbidden in airport, in hotel.
Some places they put a sign that says that no durians allowed.
The smell you can't hide.
My record is about 100 feet.
I can smell durian.
Besides having a distinctive smell, durian also has a distinctive taste.
It's like a peanut caramel.
They have five flavors:
sweet flavor,
alcohol flavor,
bitter flavor,
flower flavor,
and numb taste, total of five flavors.
Numb taste literally means
your mouth will go numb.
Wow, I can feel the numbness.
Freshly dropped durian, the flavor is so good.
Even the bees come to the durian.
This might well be my new favorite fruit.
People in general, are divided on this fruit.
Those who love it, love it.
The durian is so tasty.
It's really good.
Tastes much better than it smells.
If you really like durian
there can be like some people may look like crazy.
Like breakfast, lunch and dinner, three meals are all durian.
They can eat five, seven fruits per day.
And there are others
who just can't get past the smell.
It smells like old cheese.
For Durian Seng, it is the perfect fruit.
Either you like it or you hate it.
Some people they don't give a chance to taste.
But you have to try once in your lifetime.
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Durian Fruit: A Smell So Rotten, a Taste So Sweet

14591 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on September 24, 2018    gahui yu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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