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  • There can not be peace, without first

  • a great suffering

  • The greater the suffering,

  • the greater the peace

  • The end you've always feared

  • is coming

  • it's coming

  • and the blood will be on your hands

  • I prayed to god that it wasn't true

  • Soloman Lane escaped in Paris

  • And now the world is at risk

  • This is the CIA's mission

  • You use a scalpel,

  • I prefer a hammer

  • This is a bad idea

  • Is it ever a good one? honestly

  • He's not just some observer

  • He's an assassin

  • 00:01:05,905 --> 00:01:08,755 You go rogue, he's been authorised to hung you down and kill you

  • That's the job,

  • no hard feelings

  • Which way Benji?

  • Turn left!

  • what are you waiting for?

  • I'm jumping out a window

  • Oh sorry, good luck

  • When the clock stops,

  • Ethan Hunt will loose everyone he ever cared about

  • You don't understand what you're in involved in

  • You need to walk away

  • Please don't me go through you

  • Ethan that's not who we are

  • Maybe we need to reconsider that

  • Accept it Ethan,

  • you've lost this one

  • what's done is done

  • What's done is done,

  • when we say it's done

  • Showtime

  • Oh my God

There can not be peace, without first

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