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- Chris Lam
and Megan Lee.
Boba tea.
What's up guys, I'm Megan.
- And I'm Chris.
And we're gonna be trying out a lot of boba places today.
So, we're gonna tell you guys which one is the best one.
We specifically chose boba chains so that way
most people would know about them
and actually be able to go try them.
- We're sacrificing our stomachs solely for boba.
- Yeah.
- So we can tell you how we truly feel about them.
- We're taking on this very difficult task for you.
- Yes.
- Okay, so Megan, what should our rubric be?
- Tea quality.
- Yes, tea quality.
Tapioca game.
- Tapioca, so important.
Three, sugar level.
- Okay, so our first one is Ten Ren.
- Are you ready?
- I'm so ready.
- And we got our boba milk tea.
Just plain.
- Yeah. - Nothing added.
- We're keeping it plain so that way
it stays consistent across everybody.
No adjustments.
Tea quality, I'm gonna give a five.
- I give a five out of five too.
- You were also mentioning how you like the fact that
they were taking their time making the tea.
- You can just taste the tea.
- Yeah.
- And the tapioca game?
- A five.
I like it. - Really?
- I like it.
It's easier on the jaw.
Sugar level?
I give it a four.
I like sweet stuff but
I would cut it down a little bit.
So, how was your first boba tasting experience,
Chris Lam?
- You were there!
- Where are we going to now?
- Lollicup.
- Lollicup.
- Cheers
- It kinda tastes like chocolate.
Is it me?
- No, it does taste like chocolate.
- Tastes very powdery.
- Tea rating?
I'm gonna be really harsh and give a two.
- I was actually thinking the same thing.
The boba is,
give it a three point five.
- But the texture and the give to it,
it's how I like it.
It's not too sweet but it's like a really weird sweet.
So, that's why I'm giving it a two.
- Yeah.
- I don't even know to rate the sweetness,
'cause the tea is still throwing me off.
- How long does it take to steep Chinese tea?
- Oolong time.
- I get it.
Let's hope that Coco gives
milk tea boba some redemption.
Fun side note,
this is actually Brandon's favorite.
- If this is bad,
it's your fault. - This is all on you Brandon.
Oh, interesting, ohh.
I kinda taste a little caramel.
For the tea?
I give it a four.
- Tapioca game?
I'm going to give it a three point 5.
- You'll see me struggling to get boba out.
There was like a clump of boba in there.
- Actually, you're right.
It kind of ups the sweet a lot,
so yeah I give it a three.
- So Megan,
is the boba starting to weigh you down?
- Weigh me down?
No, never!
How about you Chris?
How do you feel?
- It's weighing me down a little bit, to be honest.
We're going to Quickly's.
They're probably like one of the most international places.
- Quickly's, let's do this.
- Okay, kind of tastes like a worse version of Lollicup.
- I got no comment.
- I'm gonna give it a two.
- I also give it a two.
What is this?!
- Shh!
They're right there!
Tapioca game?
I'm gonna give it a one.
It has like a really bad after taste.
- To be honest, it doesn't even taste like tapioca.
I feel like I'm eating plastic.
Sugar level, I give it a three.
It's not too sweet.
- This is actually like around the level
that I actually like it.
With all of our criticism, this is good for 1.50.
- I still choose Ten Ren.
- We're down to our last one,
and it's Sharetea.
- It all comes down to this last boba shop.
- The Final Showdown.
- I'm starting to feel a little sleepy now.
- Me too.
I'm starting to get
a 'boma'.
- I'm excited for this last place.
What is it called?
- Sharetea.
- Sharetea.
Last one, last one. - Last one.
- Make it count.
Tea quality?
I'm going to give it a five, actually.
It feels even for me.
When I think of milk tea,
this is actually the kind of flavor that I think of.
Tapioca game?
It feels very undercooked.
- It felt really dry in the inside.
I see what you mean,
so, yeah, I give it a three.
- I do get flavor from the tapioca itself, though.
- Five on the sugar level.
It's not too sweet,
not too little.
- Yeah, I think Ten Ren is the winner.
- Yeah, so we figured it out.
If you are trying boba for the first time,
and if you don't like it, don't write it off
and think that you won't like
any other boba ever again because
I think what both me and Megan learned today is that
boba is a lot more diverse and different
than we thought it was.
- Thank you so much Chris, for having me today.
Thank you so much for inviting,
you didn't invite me.
We just wanted to say that we feel really sick right now.
- I'm going to throw up.
- We were joking back then,
but we actually sacrificed for you.
- Sacrificed our stomachs.
- You're welcome.
You are very welcome.
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What’s The Best Boba Tea Shop?

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Samuel published on August 17, 2018    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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